Bad Blood

"You broke my trust. I can't trust you again."

"I'm sorry. You're more important to me than anything. I miss you."

{One in Song Series}


4. 0.3

I wake up the next morning with a pair of arms wrapped around me. I'm confused about why I'm here before everything that happened yesterday comes flooding back. My breathing becomes fast and I feel as if I'm trapped. I get out of bed, wrapping my arms around myself as I head back to the guest room.

I change into my usual look, black jeans or leggings and a band shirt or oversized sweater. I go with leggings and an oversized sweater that I pair with black Doc Martins. My mom sends me money for my birthday and holidays which is how I'm able to buy this stuff.

My heart rate is back to normal, but I still feel trapped. I head downstairs where Ashton and his parents are already down there.

"Morning Jas." Ashton says.

I give them a small smile. I sit down after getting cereal and a bowl. I eat quietly and slowly, not wanting to go to school.

We finish and head out to Ashton's car. Luckily, Luke and Michael aren't bothering us right now.  If they were, I probably wouldn't be living here anymore.

"Hey, you'll survive today. Mae and I will make sure that he won't come near you." Ashton tells me. I nod. I look down in my lap, not saying anything. He drives over to Mae's house since it's on the way.

We always had that set up. Ashton would drive Mae to school and Calum would drive me. I may have my own car, but I use it only to escape or if I'm running late and I don't want Calum to be late.

"Jas, how are you?" Mae asks, getting in.

I don't respond. Ashton look over at her and tells her something quietly. I don't hear what he says, but I can tell it's serious since Mae nods. I look out the window on the way to school and since it's quiet, the ride seems to go by slower than usual.

We get there and get out. I can already tell people are looking over at us. Specifically me.

"Jas!" A voice I know all too well yells.

Ashton tells Mae to take me and she does.

"Stay away from her Calum. You don't deserve to be friends with her if that's how you returned her friendship. It's one thing if you told a fake secret instead of one that's major." Ashton says. He leaves Calum and I want to go to him, give him a hug.

"Jas, don't. Don't fall for his sad face. What did he expect would happen? You'd forgive him?" Mae tells me. I nod slightly and we walk into school.

"Jas!" Ashton yells. He catches up to us. "We're not letting him near you."

I look at him. It's one thing to keep me from hurting myself, but it's another to keep me isolated from my best friend. Or who used to be my best friend. There has to be a good explanation as to why he did it. I know Calum would never tell unless it was a good reason.

Mae steers me to my locker which I struggle to open. She walks me to class as I try to block everyone out.

"I'll see you later okay?" Mae asks.

I nod. I head to class, able to avoid Avery and Calum.


"Jasmine!" A voice that's a familiar sound yells. I freeze midstep, but since Ashton's with me, he pushes me to keep moving.

"Haven't you done enough damage Calum?" Ashton asks, keeping an eye on me to make sure I don't stop to fall back into Calum's arms.

"Ashton, I'm sorry, okay? What else can I do?" Calum asks.

"Do nice things for her, surprise her, and don't spill her secrets?" Ashton says. He catches up to me. "Jas, don't give in to him. You're strong enough-"

"Stop Ashton. I'm not a baby. Sure, I'm hurt by what he did, but it's over and done with. What's past is past. We can't undue time and no matter what he does to try and get me to forgive him, it won't work." I tell him, escaping his grasp on my arm.

Mae comes up to us, out of breath. "I... just escaped... Avery and her posse... out to get you... Don't let your guard down." She says in between breaths.

"Why would I let my guard down? I don't trust easily." I say. We head to our usual table and place our lunch down.

I look up and see Calum walking in, his head down. He heads to the lunch line, not talking to people. I follow him with my eyes before Ashton snaps me back to reality.

"Don't you dare try to make her stop it Ashton. She just lost her best friend yesterday. Of course she's going to be miserable." Mae says before Ashton can continue.

"I wasn't going to!" Ashton exclaims.

We hear heels clicking on the floor. I keep my head down, knowing who it is.

"You lost one friend, what will it take for you to lose these two?" Avery asks.

"Nothing. Unlike Calum, we actually appreciate having Jasmine as a friend." Ashton says. "Nothing will make us stop being friends with her."

"Be that way. Just remember Ashton, you'll always have a spot with us." Avery says, winking at him. When Ashton doesn't reply, she walks away.

"Please tell us you did not just buy into that." Mae says.

Ashton snorts. "Yeah right. She'll have me over my dead body. Oh wait, she won'y since only friends and family will be allowed."

We laugh. I look to see where Calum is and he's staring at me intently. He's sitting by himself, picking at his food. I glance away quickly, but not before I see the look of regret on his face.

Mae and Ashton follow my gaze.

"Jas, don't get up to go over to him." Mae says quietly.

I force myself to nod. I know that it's going to be hard to just drop him as a friend, but I have to.


"Ready?" Ashton asks. He leans against the lockers. I close my locker and stand up, nodding. I hate that my locker is the bottom one. I'd rather have my locker be the top one.

We head to his car, where Mae's waiting. She's on her phone, talking.

"Thanks dad." She says, hanging up. "Dad just called. He's looking into it." Mae tells us. I nod, not saying anything. Ashton drives back to his house, where Luke and Michael are in the yard.

"Jas! Hey!" Michael calls. We walk over to the fence.

"Don't call me Jas." I say.

"We wanted to say sorry for yesterday." Luke says. "Game?" He holds a baseball out to us.

"There's five of us. Who doesn't want to play?" Ashton states, hinting that he wants to play.

Mae and I raise our hands at the same time. We look at each other and do rock, paper, scissors. Mae won after five games. I groan and walk over to Ashton. If I'm forced to play, I'd rather be on Ashton': tean.

"No. Switch teams with Michael." Luke says, looking at me. I look at Ashton and he just shrugs. Thanks for the help. I walk over to Luke who puts his arm around my shoulders. I growl and he removes it quickly. "Any plan of how we're doing it?"

I look at him. "Seriously Luke? Why would I know what we're doing? I don't even want to do this in the first place."

"Mae! Come over here!" Luke yells. I look at him, as well as Michael, Ashton, and Mae. Mae comes over. "Trade with Jasmine?"

Mae looks between us. "Do I have to? I'll chip my nails." She says. I look at her, raising an eyebrow. Mae doesn't paint her nails. "Joking. Sure." I thank her and head over to the fence.

I watch them play, Ashton and Michael won by a couple points. We hang out in their backyard, and for the first time since I met them, had fun.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." Mae says when it's around five. She hugs us and when she comes to me, she whispers "Don't give in. You're strong. Love you Jas."

Mae's dad comes to pick her up since his job is past Ashton's house. We hear Ashton's mom calling for us so we leave. As I leave their yard, the two boys stop me.

"Can we exchange numbers so if you ever need to talk, we're there?" Michael asks nervously.

I look at them. "I, um, I have to go." I say. I head over and walk in. Ashton's mom asks how our days were and Ashton answers for both of us. I thank him silently and he nods. We eat and I start to help pick up, but his mom shakes her head.

"Don't worry about that." She says. She takes the plate from my hands and lets me go up to my room.

Once I enter the room, my phone goes off. I walk over and look at it.

"Mom?" I ask, picking up.

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