Bad Blood

"You broke my trust. I can't trust you again."

"I'm sorry. You're more important to me than anything. I miss you."

{One in Song Series}


3. 0.2

I wake up with a cool washcloth on my forehead.

"Mom! She's up!" Ashton yells. "Hey, you okay Jas?"

I start to sit up, but Ashton shakes his head. "Don't." He says.

"What happened?" I ask.

"You passed out. I don't know what really happened, but you were in a corner of the room."Ashton says.

I hear footsteps coming and his parents come into my peripheal vision.

"How are you feeling?" His dad asks.

"G-good." I stutter. I'm not afraid of just my dad, but any dad. I know that they aren't the same as mine, but I can't help feeling like that.

Ashton looks at me, a look that I know he wants to talk to me in private later.

"Ash, get her some food and water." His mom says. Ashton nods and leaves. "You okay Jasimine?"

I nod. "I just get dizzy spells from time to time." I say half lying. I do get dizzy spells, just ones that don't make me pass out. His mom starts to ask me questions about my health which I answer the best I can, leaving some pieces here and there out.

I trust his mom since she's a doctor, but I just feel weird talking about it since I never did. I never passed out before with a dizzy spell.

"Can I go?" I ask quietly. His mom nods.

"Just take it easy sweetie." She tells me.

I get up and head to the guest room. I sit on the bed, my back to the door. I hear the door open, but don't move.

"Jasmine. What's wrong?" Ashton asks. He sits next to me and brings me into a hug.

"Our dads are friends Ashton. What if my dad tells yours what happens?" I ask, shaking.

"Jas, you've been over how long and nothing happened to you. You're safe here." Ashton tells me. "If my dad does anything to you, tell me." I nod. He keeps his grip on me, not letting go. If anything, his grip is tightening.

"Ashton, too tight." I say through clenched teeth.

"Sorry." He says. He lossens his grip.

"It's fine." I say. "You and Mae don't hate me, do you? I mean, I kept this big secret from you."

"I'm upset you didn't tell us, but we understand. You didn't want your friends to get hurt." Ashton tells me. "Want me to do anything to Calum? I could and you know I won't hold back."

"No. I lost one friend, I can't have another get suspended." I say.

Ashton holds me. "I brought you food."

"Food?" I ask. I jump out of Ashton's arms and go over to the desk where a plate of food is as well as a glass of water. I start eating as if I haven't been fed in a week. I actually haven't had proper food since the divorce so three years. Ashton chuckles, watching me. I probably have food everywhere, but it's so good. Besides Ashton's mom, I loved how Calum's mom cooked.

"Hungry are we?" Ashton asks. "You're going to make yourself sick, so slow down."

"I know that this is probably a stupid question, but why are you still friends with me?" I ask, swallowing.

"It is a stupid question. You need friends Jas, everyone does. Right now, you need them even more." He tells me. "Jas, something worse could've happened to you and Mae and I would still be there."

I look at him and can tell he's telling the truth. "Thanks." I reply quietly. Deep down, I want Ashton's parents to know. I want an adult to know, but I'm afraid of his dad.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Ashton asks.

"I want your parents to know, but what about your dad? Ashton, I'm afraid of your dad." Saying it out loud just makes it real.


"No Ash. It's not yours. I'm afraid of dads in general." I say. Thinking about it now, I would always shrink away whenever I'm around Mae's dad or Calum's as well. Always afraid.

"Jas, tell my parents what happened. What your dad did isn't right. I know he's your dad, but he shouldn't have his job just because he's friends with my dad." Ashton says. "I'll be with you if you want."

I look at him. I can tell that he's serious about him wanting me to tell his parents, but I can't. I can't without freaking out again. Without feeling unreal.

"Jas, you have to tell an adult-"

"No! You're just like Calum when he found out! I can't tell someone! Telling you and Mae, I was taking a risk, a risk that I didn't want to make in the first place!" I yell.

"Jasmine!" Ashton yells. He wraps his arms around me tightly, not letting me go despite how much I struggle. "Look at me Jas. My mom will help. You know she will. You have Mae's dad who's going to get involved."

"No! Ashton, I can't! Let me go!" I yell.

"Ashton? Jasmine? What's going on?" His mom asks. She opens the door and I'm struggling in his grasp, tears threatening to fall. "Let her go Ashton."

"Mom, Jasmine needs to tell you something." He says. I glare at him when he lets me go.

"What do you have to tell me?" His mom asks.

When I open my mouth, nothing comes out. I try again and just as I'm about to say something, his dad walks in. I stiffen up and Ashton squeezes my shoulders.

"You've got this Jas. Just tell them." He whispers and so I do.


"What am I going to do?" I hear Ashton's dad ask. They're talking about the situation I'm in with my dad. I'm not sure if they mean with me, my dad and his job, or both.

"We can't let her go back. Ashton did the right thing to bring her here." His mom says.

"Hey. What are you doing?"Ashton asks, putting his hand on my shoulder. I jump a little, surprised.

"Nothing," I say. Ashton nods. He's about to stand up, but I stop him. "I just don't know what to do."

He brings me into a hug, not lettinng me go. "You'll find a way. Visit your mom tomorrow. Your dad may not want that, but she's your mom; the person who really deserves custody over you." Ashton says.

I nod. I want to visit her, but if my dad finds out, I shudder at the thought of that. The last time I visited her without letting dad know before hand, I ended up getting abused.

"Can you come with me?" I ask.

"Of course." He says. "School tomorrow so you might want to get ready."

I groan, not looking forward for tomorrow. I didn't even make it through today so how will I survive tomorrow or the rest of the week? Ashton leaves me so I can get ready. I shower and change into my pajamas which consist of leggings and a t-shirt.

His mom comes in and says night. She reminds me not to stay up too late, something that I missed. I missed my mom telling me that at night. His mom closes the door, turning the lights off. I stare out the window, the tree branch hitting the window.

I get up and leave, heading to Ashton's room. I open his door slowly and close it as quietly as I can. I walk over and lay in his bed, snuggling close to him. He stirs and turns around.

"Jas?" He asks. One look at me, he brings me into a hug. He wipes my tears away. "You're safe here Jas. You don't need to worry about anything. Go to sleep, I'll be here all night."

I nod and he wraps his arms around me. My breathing calms down and pretty soon, I drift off to sleep.


I know, it's short and kind of boring. It's basically a filler. The next chapter is definitely going to be longer.

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