Kisses in The Attic


The glory of Germans rise again in the air and the country is happy again. The 16 years old Frau moves with her sister Alvie to Berlin after her family death to continue their studies while staying at the house of an old friend Miss Hoffman and her son Bruno Hoffman.
When Frau finds a key to the Attic she founds a key to Bruno heart and discover how much they like the company of each other, but can their love survive in a world like that?


1. The Medals

               I was looking on the window at all the streets and houses.Berlin was way beautiful than Munich, there were Coffee shops everywhere and children were running on the streets.The flags with Nazi sign were everywhere and I could see that glory was rising in the sky every time somebody said Heil Hitler.


                I took the letter that Bren, my childhood friend left for me before leaving in Berlin.I looked at Alvie to see if she's looking at me and opened the letter secretly and start reading.


               Dear Frau,

         I don't know if it was the best beginning because I've never called you Dear, but know I'm really sorry for that.You know or you'll find out when you're going to read this that I've had a crush on you since I was 11 and I 


                 "What are you doing?" Said Alvie with her cold eyes pointed at me.


                   "I was only reading something, none of your business."I said hiding the letter in my pocket.


       She saw the letter and took it from my pocket and start reading it. I couldn't feel more awkward than now, I was ready to snatch her brown hair when she looked at me with cold eyes and giving the letter back.


                   "I told you to not see that boy anymore.I don't like him and it's not good for you!" She screamed at me.


                    "Since are you my mother? You know he is a childhood friend and...


                     "Since our parents died!"I looked in her eyes.


          I hated that she intrerrupted


My tears start falling off my face at the thought that my parents died and I started winkling fast so they could disappear but my memories were still there . "We're here." Alvie said. We got off the car as I took my luggage I turned to see one of the biggest mansion of my life, maybe the biggest from the street.I walked on the white stairs and backed letting Alvie to knock on the door. "Are you nervous?" Alvie said, like she didn't know. I shake my head when we heard someone opening the door. It was a boy.... I knew that we're going to stay at the mansion of an old grumpy lady.I looked at the boy that was standing in our front, well he was handsome I blushed immediate.He had messy brown hair and a pair of green eyes, dressed with a long black coat.I could read the surprising emotions from his face. "Oh yes, my aunt is coming immediatly, you are Alvie no?"He said handing my sister a hand to come inside.What a fake gentleman! "And this lovely girl is?"He asked. "Oh she's just my little sister, she's only 16 she doesn't know too much." I knew when Alvie was loving a boy and she hit the Jackpot. Beautiful boy with lot of money was her type.She may having a crush on this one but she only meet him 5 minutes ago. "I don't know she looks like a very mature person.Who do I won the pleasure? " "Frau Hertz ." "Bruno Hoffman." He said hanging a hand to me but I entered alone. "You see, I told you Alvie that she's a mature woman she doesn't need my help. " They started laughing but I was walking on the hallway looking at all the pictures that were hanging on the walls.They were all with photos of the army and medals, I was looking at them under my hypnosis for this glory of keeping your awards where all the people can see them. "Beautiful, no?"Bruno said. I turned to see him looking at the same medals I was looking. "Maybe too much?"I said looking at them and biting my lip. "My uncle was in the army, he died an year ago.My aunt is very proud of them so she thinks that everybody who will see them will respect us. " "Sorry, I didn't know." What could be more awkward than this. Alvie came and dragged me further so she could talk to me.I looked and Bruno and he was smiling and laughing. "We'll see later little critic, I hope my house will be perfect for your!" She dragged me behind a wall and looked in my eyes, I always hated when she was doing that, there was always something coming. "Look Frau, in every second Miss Hoffman will come and I don't want for you to make bad impression, you already made to Bruno. Be a little good girl and be quiet, alright?" I shake my head and went back in the hallways with Alvie, Bruno was waiting there looking at all the medals.We were all waiting for Miss Hoffman.He turned to me and whispered in my year, Bruno understood that me and Alvie were arguing so he said very quiet. "Maybe the medals are too much hanging there, I see what I can do." I smiled and bit my lip playing with my hair and looking at my sister.Maybe she was a cold heart but she was my only mother, because the other died.I take her hand and she didn't backed up.It was maybe the first time when I felt love from her.We stayed like this a while waiting for Miss Hoffman.I saw Bruno looking at our strange relationship, maybe he never had one like ours. *Thanks to everyone who is reading this I love you all*
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