Come Back, Please - phan


(beta by Kate)


3. Part 3 ( Dan's POV)

[the next day]

I had been lying on my bed for the past 10 minutes thinking about what had happened yesterday. I didn't want to leave.

The reason I was leaving was because I wanted some time alone after Phil got a girlfriend, but I knew he liked me too.

Phil knocked on the door.

"Dan? Do you want some cereal?"

I didn't want to answer, but I had to.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute"

I found some clothes and put them on. When I got my clothes on, I walked out in the kitchen. I could see Phil standing there with his messy hair in a quiff. It always does that when he wakes up, I think it's adorable.

God, he's hot.

"Oh hey Dan, I made some tea for you,"

"Oh, thanks."

I sat down to the table and waited for Phil to do the same. And there we just sat in front of each other eating.

Phil broke the silence. "So when is the meet and greet?"

"The 20th."

I didn't really know to be honest but I didn't want to find out right now.


We didn't say anything more until we were done eating.

"I'll be leaving soon,"

"Yeah, I know,"

"Hey Dan... um, I was just wondering..."


"You won't tell anyone? Right?"

"Tell anyone about what?"

"You know, what happened yesterday."

Oh yeah, that.

"Also, we it again?"

Nooo! Why did I say that? Fuck.

I tried to apologise. "I'm so-"

"Dan, I can't...I'm sorry for confusing you. I love Alice...please, let's just forget it, okay?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry."

Why did I do this? Fuck!

I need to get out of here.

"I'll get my stuff and go to the airport. I have to be there in 45 minutes..."

[at the airport]

God, I miss him.

Two girls came up to me, I assumed they were fans.

"Hey, are you Dan?"

I fake smiled "Yeah, hi!"

"OMG! We're really big fans! Can we have a picture with you?"

"Yeah, of course!"

We took a selfie and then they left

Maybe Phil is kissing Alice right now...but it should be me.



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