The Oppression

Welcome to a new complete and intelligent society where the ones with power and intelligence were separated from the simple ones. Nobody could do anything about it, because they were thought that working will help the intelligent ones that were helping them.

When Alice Andrews opinion about this society is accidentally posted on one of the most important debate of the year and submitted to everyone they start seeing Alice as an revolutionary not an 15 years old girl.

But not everyone sees Alice as an revolutionary, the real powers sees her as a threat.She needs to lead her followers to justice but she is just a kid, isn't she?


1. Birds Set Free

"They will help us if we help them" Are the lies the Brains told us more than 300 years. We are working, giving our soul for them and what? They promised us that every years they will look for new Brains in our cities, but look who is lying? Everything they want is power, and the power was took from us: WE HAD IT! Are we too shy to take what was ours now long ago? There are many children that don't deserve the fate to work in factories all their life, but can I say that I was unlucky to born with the less privileged ones? Isn't this what we all think?"


             I closed my tabloid and lay in the bed, what am I thinking that I'm doing? Who will I influence, my 20 followers? All the posts from us the less privileged are blocked and nobody just the ones I know can read them.I haven't wrote on social blogs with more than 10 followers and it wasn't fair... I always knew that my voice could be heard, and listened because everybody said that I had a skill, writing and .


              Me, and my friend Christian were usually writing but my sister Alena stopped me, she said I corrupted my father and she doesn't want me to corrupt anybody anymore, I could say that she was crazy but it was true, every night my father is reading my posts without knowing that I wrote them and debating them every night, Alena usually hated me for this.


               If you ask why my name is Pallas and my sister is Alena it's because my mother thought that Greek names are special and unique but my dad was thinking the opposite he never believed in fate or sorrow anyway. 


               I went down at the dinner that was fixed at 7:00, because the Brains said it was more healthy, and seen my sister waiting for me behind the wall.


              I looked at her angry face, she dragged me in the bathroom and screamed at me:


               "What do you think you're doing? Are you writing again?" Alena said.


                "Is there a problem? Can't I express my opinion in public?"


                 "My friends are laughing at me because of you, they called you little Warrior Mouse, you remember what I told you, don't you?"


                 "I thought they were laughing at your name or your drama little queen speech!" I screamed back.


                 She looked in my eyes and then slapped me with her hand, How could she dare! I was her little sister and I was just telling the truth. My tears dropped and I start winkling fast so she couldn't see that I'm crying.


                 "Some day, I will revenge and you''ll stay down and cry for have I done to your  little sister, but I know you and your frozen heart and even my tears won't make you feel sorry!"


                 I ran at the table and I hidden my head in the table while listening dad reading my posts. I was feeling awkward, knowing my dad was reading everything from me but without knowing that it was me.I raised my head to see my mom entering in the room with the dinner, they were both wearing their Over 30 years old uniforms Night. Yes, we could know our age or gender by the clothes we were wearing.


The biggest atrocity  is indoctrinating our children in a system that does not put value on their creativity and unique abilities to encourage them."  

  My father was reading my first post from his Tabloid.I really liked that, it was the most beautiful and intelligent post from mine.

             "She or he is a real voice for us, the less privileged." He said.


              "Or, maybe she or he is a little hero who thinks can destroy 300 years of civilization and intelligence with her stupid actions!" Alena screamed.


              "You don't know what you're talking about" I said taking my dish in the kitchen.


                Maybe it's wrong hating your sister, but she can't understand me! She is a mess.


              "Pallas, come back here now and eat everything from your dish, these are the rules for a healthy life.Brains said this so it's true come back now!"


              "I think I can choose whenever to eat or go sleep, thank you very much."


               "She's a really mess." Said mom.


                   My dad didn't said anything, he always hate the Brains, but what can't he do? He is just an worker in the Textile Factory. Only this thought make me cry, we are too weak to do something but together  we could be Birds Set Free.I had only 5 minutes left until the light will be off so I went to my desk and open my Tabloid, posting the following words:


           "We are too weak to do something but together  we could be Birds Set Free"        







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