Lily Anna's Original Covers

Original covers from me to you.

Some featuring my own photographs or graphics, ( these are ©Lily Anna ) or other images which are available for use (under CC0/Public Domain).

Please read rules and fill out the form in the comments to request.


18. Paper Forests by Tegan Anderson (Front, back and spine - Version 1)

Hey, so I found a really great image I wanted to use and went through various fonts. I've designed and made about two different versions so far but this is my favourite. I thought I would share it with you. :)

I've made a version without the trim lines and one with them (the one without looks like the text/shapes aren't centred but I promise if you look at the trim lines one you see they pretty much are centred in the bit which won't be cut.) I believe you used create space to publish Beauty in the Breakdown (thought you might be using that again) so I searched up about their trim-lines and stuff on there so that I could get it right. The spine is set to a book which would be of 200 pages (obviously we don't know how big it will be yet) just to get the general idea of the design.

Anyway I hope you like it. :) Also if it's a bit fuzzy/blurry/pix-elated it's probably Movellas as I know it always messed with the image quality. 

I also did a Movellas size version for you. It's obviously a tad different to the one above because of the sizing. You don't have to use it either, just thought I would offer it up if you wanted to use it. :)

Let me know what you think. :) Obviously it's early days so I can change things around regarding blurb details and those sorts of things closer to the time you'll need it. I might do other versions as well but was just excited to show you this design first! 

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