Lily Anna's Original Covers

Original covers from me to you. Some featuring my own photographs or graphics, ( these are ©Lily Anna ) or other images which are available for use (under CC0/Public Domain)



If you would like a cover please fill in the details below in the comments.




Brief Ideas:

Anything else I need to know:


Please note for the covers I either use photographs/graphics of my own (© Lily Anna) or photographs/graphics which are available to use according to the CC0/Public Domain rules. I will state which at the bottom when I upload it.

To save a cover so you can upload it to your Movella: right click on the cover image and select 'save image as'.

If you don't like your cover for whatever reason please don't be afraid to tell me and I can re-do it.

Thank you. :)

Any problems or queries please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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