We're Not What We Look Like.

Lane, Rowan, Jace, and Kai are by far the youngest hip-hop dancers to be hired by a well known band. Little Mix. But there is something different about these girls, something they can never let anyone know.


5. Pigs.

   (Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! I know it's kinda weird but I like it so yeah XD  -Fluff) 

     All of us met at the entrance of Long Horn, in a hurry to get in so we didn't get bombarded by paparazzi. It had started raining on the way so everyone had either a sweatshirt on or an umbrella with them. I pushed opened the doors and let everyone in, taking up the back of our group. We got seated near the back, getting a pretty big table to sit at. We really didn't get disturbed much, just a few pictures with fans, which I personally don't mind. I sat in between Perrie and Rowan, with Leigh-Anne at the end. Jesy, Jade, Kai and Jace sat opposite of us. 

     We all chowed down on bread and soda while talking about tour details. After we tried to figure out who would pick up who to go to the airport, we all just decided that we'd split it half and half. Two Little Mix and two Only Mixtures in each car. After about thirty minutes our waiter finally came to take our order. 

Everybody ordered a fairly normal meal. Almost everybody. Me and Perrie easily had the biggest meals. I had ordered a medium rare, ten ounce steak, with fries and a side of broccoli and potatoes. Perrie ordered about the same thing. 

     "Are you sure you can eat all of that?" Jade asked me before I began to tear into my steak. 

     "She may seem small, but she's a pig." Rowan punched me in the arm lightly, and I made a pig noise with my nose. 

     "I finally have someone who likes food as much as me!" Perrie laughed, cutting up her steak. I began to cut mine up too. Me and Perrie finished our entire meals first, surprisingly. I wiped my mouth with a napkin. 

     "See? I told you she was a pig." Rowan pointed to me with her fork. We all finished our meals. By the time we paid the bill and headed out it was almost 1:00. 

      "Looks like it's about time for all of us to head home and start packing, and get some sleep before we have to leave at Stinkin' 3:00am." I said checking my phone. 

      "Do you guys need a ride home?" Leigh-Anne asked, looking around the parking lot.              

      "Nah, we got Bruce." I looked for Bruce's car. Which, surprise, wasn't there. "Well, we had Bruce." I shrugged my shoulders. We piled into Leigh-Annes car. And to my surprise, Leigh-Anne was driving. I gave her our address, sitting down in the back with Kai, Rowan and Jace.

     "Don't kill us!" I yelled from the back, laughing.

     "Shut up Lane!" Leigh-Anne yelled back as she swerved along the road. An hour later we arrived at our house, thankfully in one piece.

      "We'll be by at 3:00am to pick you guys up." Jade said through her open window. I gave her a thumbs up and a smile as Leigh-Anne started to drive away. I laughed as I heard Jesy yelling at her to slow down.        



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