We're Not What We Look Like.

Lane, Rowan, Jace, and Kai are by far the youngest hip-hop dancers to be hired by a well known band. Little Mix. But there is something different about these girls, something they can never let anyone know.


4. "Ooh, Food."

     We all just kind of sat there with our mouths open in shock. I was still trying to process that Little Mix wanted us, just a bunch of twelve year olds, to join them on their Get Weird Tour. Leigh-Anne laughed a bit, brushing her curly hair out of her face. 

     "I thinks that's a yes." Jesy started laughing mid sentence. A bright smile on her face. I exchanged glances with Rowan, Kai and Jace, a bright smile appearing on each of our faces. 

     "We're going on tour!" I shouted, thrusting my fists into the air. Each of them soon followed, and we were all hugging and high giving each other by the end of it. 

     "So does that mean we get to ride in the bus?" Jace blurted out, a hopeful look in her eyes. 

     "Yep." Perrie replied, and Jace literally jumped up and hugged her. 

     "So when do we leave?" I asked, a bit out of breath from having to pull Jace off of a laughing Perrie. 

     "Ooh, yeah about that..." Jesy rubbed the back of her neck. "We leave for Los Angeles at 5:00am sharp tomorrow. Which means we have to be down at the airport and ready to go at 3:45am." Jesy kind of shrugged and chuckled to herself. 

     "3:45am? That's exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear." Rowan groaned, placing her hand in her forehead. 

     "Hey guys, it's only 11:00, wanna grab an early lunch? We can talk about the tour details on the way." Jade waved her phone. 

     "Ooh, food." Me and Perrie both said. We all cracked up, me and Perrie could barely make eye contact without having a laugh attack. We all began to pack up our stuff, not bothering to change out of our dance clothes. We all filed out of the dance studio, all of us deciding to go to a Long Horn a few blocks away. We split up into different cars, with me and the girls with Bruce and Little Mix riding in Leigh-Anne's car, but, of course Leigh-Anne didn't drive, nobody would let her even touch the steering wheel.

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