We're Not What We Look Like.

Lane, Rowan, Jace, and Kai are by far the youngest hip-hop dancers to be hired by a well known band. Little Mix. But there is something different about these girls, something they can never let anyone know.


3. Fangirls.


     That voice sounded way too familiar, like I had just recently listened to it. Then it hit me. 


     "Yeah, c'mon in." Kai said, standing up. The door knob jiggled, then "They" opened the door. All of our mouths dropped open, as Little Mix was standing in front of us. 

     "No. Way." Me and Jace both said in unison. 

     Leigh-Anne chuckled. 

     "I am trying so hard to not go totally ballistic fangirl right now." I said with a bit of sarcasm. Holding up my hands. 

     All the girls actually laughed at my comment, I knew they understood because they are crazy fan girls themselves. 

      "Go ahead, have your moment." Jesy said, still laughing a bit. 

      We all went completely crazy, we were all screaming and Laughing and just having a what sort of seemed normal fangirl session with Little Mix. Once we were done, all of us broke into more laughter. 

     "Okay, now that that's out of our system." I started. "You guys actually wanted to meet us?"  We were all on the floor now, with us on one side and Little Mix on the other. 

     "Why wouldn't we? You're the youngest group to ever win Nationals. I mean, I don't know about you, but that's pretty impressive." Jade said, noticing the necklace that hung on my neck. 

     "That's a cute necklace, where'd you get it?" Jade took the little flame charm on it into her hands. 

   "Oh, I've had it since I met these girls." I took the necklace from her hands and tucked intomy sports bra. "It's nothing special." Jade looked to the other girls and noticed they all and one too. 

     "I think they were handmade by someone, I don't remember who, but you can't get them anywhere else." Rowan swooped in and saved us all from a big disaster. 

     "Oh, anyways, they are really cute." Jade gave a friendly smile. What Jade didn't know, and neither than the rest of the girls, is that those necklaces are the only things that keep us human. If it is taken of at any time, we'll turn into what we call "Elementals". Creatures that are, hard to explain. 

      "We've actually watched a lot of videos of you guys dancing, and we think you're probably as good as our dancers. Even they agreed." Jesy piped in.  

      "And we've also been watching you through that glass up there." Perrie pointed up to where I saw the figures.

      "I told you." I stuck my tongue at Kai, who returned the action. 

      "Anyways, we were wondering..." Leigh-Anne looked around to the other girls for conformation. They all nodded.

      "We were wondering if you'd like to join us on our Get Weird Tour." 


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