We're Not What We Look Like.

Lane, Rowan, Jace, and Kai are by far the youngest hip-hop dancers to be hired by a well known band. Little Mix. But there is something different about these girls, something they can never let anyone know.


7. Competition.

     I awoke to hushed voices and slight movement. I opened my eyes. I was snuggled up against Jace, who was still asleep. I blinked few times, adjusting my eyes to the new brightness. Kai and Rowan were stretching, I guessed they had just woken up too. I yawned, pushing myself upright on the couch.

     "Sweatpants is up." Rowan rubbed her eyes. I got up off the couch, looking at the kitchen clock. 2:05am.

     "An hour to get ready, great." I said sarcastically, pulling the blanket off Jace.

     "I don't wanna get up..." Jace mumbled.

     "I suggest getting up now if you want to go on tour." I joked, pulling her off the couch and dropping her on the floor.

     "Okay! Okay, I'm up." She got up off the floor, yawning.

     "I think we all need to go tidy up a bit, we look like trolls." We laughed as we noticed our hair was going every which way.

      "Okay, we got 50 minutes to get ready..." I had an expression on my face that all the girls knew. A race. "First one to get done gets first dibs on the airplane. Starting now!" I bolted off to my room, I was easily the fastest out of all of them. I ran in the doorway, almost running straight into the wall. I threw on some red sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, some grey knit high-tops, and a bright red beanie. I brushed my hair so it was straight, then took a quick sweep around my room. I mentally listed everything in my bag, seeing nothing that I need in my room, I grabbed my suitcase and jetted out of my room.

     I bolted down the hallway, half running, half slipping down the stairs. I tossed my suitcases by the door and slid into the kitchen. I sat on the counter and caught my breath, looking around to the living room. I heard someone else come down the stairs.

     "Dangit, Lane!" Rowan's voice sounded from the bottom of the stairs. I laughed as she threw her suitcases next to mine, joining me on the counter.

      "Why do you have to be the fast one?" She flopped down on her back, catching her breath. I hopped off the counter, grabbing us bowls to put our cereal in.

     We were sitting on the couch eating our cereal when Kai and Jace were playfully pushing each other as they ran down the stairs.

     "You guys are ten minutes late." I chuckled, sitting on the top of the couch. Jace stuck out her tongue at me as they went to get their breakfast.


     We were all talking and watching old episodes of icarly when Triston came down the stairs.

     "Wow, you guys are productive this morning." He said sleepily as he made his way to the kitchen.

     "I'm surprised the girls didn't question why we all lived together." Jace said, putting her bowl on the coffee table.

     "Well it is in the middle of Summer, they probably thought we were having a sleepover or something." I said, retying my shoes.

     "But wouldn't they know to ask our "Parents" for permission to take us? I mean, you don't just take 12 year olds on world tour without asking."

     "Oh they asked..." Triston said, joining us on the couch. "They asked me since they didn't know how to get a hold of your "Parents." He chuckled. "I told them all of your guys parents were on business trips somewhere very confidential where you cant get ahold of them, but that they trusted me and I would definitely let you go on tour."

     "Then why did you act like you didn't know anything when we told you we met Little Mix?" I asked.

     "I wanted to see how excited you guys were gonna be, so I didn't say anything" He laughed.

     Just then, the doorbell rang. And voices could be heard outside.

     "Its too early..." Rowan complained, as we all raced to the door.

     (Are you guys liking this? I know its really unrealistic but hey, its fanfiction, anything can happen xD. But tell me what you think in the comments.-Fluff.)




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