We're Not What We Look Like.

Lane, Rowan, Jace, and Kai are by far the youngest hip-hop dancers to be hired by a well known band. Little Mix. But there is something different about these girls, something they can never let anyone know.


1. Just a bunch of random twelve year olds.

        Rowan shook me awake by bouncing her knees, which, for your information I was sleeping on. I rubbed my eyes, looking out the window. The rain had lifted and now it was just dark grey clouds hanging in the sky. I laid my head back down on Rowan's knees, giving her a humorous angry face. 

     "Aw, someone's grumpy today." Rowan giggled and pulled down my hat. I pushed her hand away, trying not to laugh.

     "Well, get your stuff grumpy head, we're about to go." Kai tapped on the glass. I grabbed my bag from the floor of the car, looking out the window once more. We had pulled into the parking lot of a very fancy looking dance studio. We had all been informed that morning that someone high in the charts in pop music wanted to see us. But, we're just a bunch of random twelve year olds who can dance, why would someone even remotely famous want to meet us?

      Our driver, Bruce, who went with us everywhere, parked up front. He then pulled something out of the glovebox. 

      "On the house." He threw us each a big packet of Skittles. Giving us the peace sign, the signal to file out of the car.    

      "Thanks Bruce!" We all filed out one side, I got out first, not because I was on that side, I

just climbed over everyone. I began to open my Skittles, but Jace grabbed them away.  

      "Hey!" I reached for them, but she held them over my head. You wouldn't think this would be much of an issue, but the fact is, I'm 4'8, she's 5'2. 

      "Not until we're done." She handed them back to me, I snatched them away and stuffed them in to one of the pockets in my bag. We came to the big glass doors at the entrance of the studio, I looked through the glass, there was a very formal looking desk, with a what looked like a 18 year old at the front. I pushed the doors open, making my way over to the desk. 

    "Only Mixture, welcome." The girl had a lower voice than I expected, but she seemed cool.

    "Well I guess we don't need to introduce ourselves." I chuckled, standing on my toes just too put my arms on the desks surface. I swear this desk was taller than the usual. 

    "You guys will be in B-12, down that hall and to your left." She pointed in towards a long hallway. "They'll be with you as soon as they are done rehearsing." 

    "Ok, thanks." I said politely, leading the crew down the hallway. But who were They? At least we know it's a group of some sort. We found B-12 and opened the door, staring in awe.

     "This is huge!" Kai walked in, looking around. I walked in after her, followed my everyone else. I looked up, seeing what looked like a second floor, but with no floor, just glass walls.


     "Woah..." I set my bag down. Inspecting every piece of glass on the walls. 

     "We better get dressed, I don't think "They" want to see us dancing in Aeropostale clothes." 







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