Demonic Hearts

Demon hearts aren't always demonic


1. The soft hand

It was a bright day in the middle of a forest.The leaves were shinning.You could almost hear water dripping from leaves onto the roots.Birds flew into the skies as they heard foot steps.There were boots making rough sounds as it steps on the roots trying to avoid the spreading pond.A young man named Andrew with a tall figure was wandering through the forest with his heavy boots.Leaves fell upon his messy black hair.He would shake it off and it would find itself floating on the pond.He stopped walking and paused for a moment.He though he heard someone crying.He followed the sound while walking slowly trying not to scare it.He peeped through a tall bush.He saw a girl with a horn on her right.She was sobbing and shivering.She was on her knees with her hands covering her eyes."Are you alright?" He placed his hand on her white hair.he shocked her.She jumped and looked up at him.Her eyes were watery.He squatted next to her looking into her eyes with a worried face."Whats wrong?" He wiped some of her tears with his finger."Leave me alone!" She pushed him back.He was squatting correctly so he dropped into the pond.He stood up all soaked wet."Sorry!" She got up and sprinted away."Hey, wait!" He ran after her not caring if he stepped into the pond because he was already wet.He grabbed her wrist stopping her from going any further."I said I'm sorry." she sobbed.She was struggling trying to get away.Andrew place both his hand on her cheeks."Calm down," They were both panting."Are you hurt?..I'm a doctor." His thump wiped the tears off her soft skin."No, I'm fine." She removed his hands from her face."Why were you crying?" Heleaned closer."Why do you care?" She pulled an unfriendly face."Why aren't you running?" She asked."Why should I be running?"He seemed confused."Don't you know I'm a demon?" "I could tell by the horns." He smiled.She was puzzled to his reaction.Most people would flee or attack a demon."Are you hungry?" He randomly asked.She was too shocked to think of a reply."Come." He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the forest.Andrew was too kind to this demon.



Andrew believed that people were the same as demons.
Some are bad and some are good.
Demons weren't supposed to be judged by their title.
Every demon is different like how every human been is different.
-Please, let the people speak before you turn them down.

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