My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


8. Chapter 7

-Shizuku's POV-

He kissed me.

It went on for so long that I could literally feel my face turning red, and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest.

"Huh?" Haru spoke first, letting go of my shirt, his voice still calm. "My heart isn't beating..."

He takes out the book and starts walking off again, and I follow behind him.

"So I've noticed that you don't make my heart flutter..." He says, "I wonder why..." He turns around and grins at me. "My heart was jumping out of my chest before!"

I can't believe he's saying this!

I just stand there, red as a tomato, my breathing unsteady.

"But I still love you." He says smiling at me. "Hey, lets hurry up Shizuku!"

He stops and looks over to the left, his face like a small child's at Christmas.

"Ooh! A Rooster!" He yells, grinning at me. "Wait, are you a stray?" 

I almost face palm, we all know what happened last time he found a 'stray'.

"Well, you'll catch a cold if you stay out in the rain." He says, cheerfully. "Come here."

I sigh, he won't give up, will he?

"You don't want to?"

He is now talking to a rooster people.

"I took a bath yesterday..."

"Ow! Ow! That's a sensitive spot!"

To be continued in the next episode...!


So the programme this is based off, is set in episodes... Look it up with subtitles :)

But I will carry this on, the story will end when it is four times this long.

Four episodes, like in the manga series.

Then number two will come out.

I decided to change the cover to the cover of the manga and the books will now be called...

My little monster, 

Which is the original name. :)





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