My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


7. Chapter 6

-Haru's POV-


I yelled as I kicked yet another thing, smashing it to the ground, things breaking around me.

I hadn't gone to school this morning. The last person I wanted to see was Shizuku after yesterday's turn of unfortunate events.

I was just trying to protect her.

But what do I know?

Like people have said,

I'm just a monster.

-Shizuku's POV-

I should be happy, I got first place.

I got the best grade in my year and I'm not happy.


-Haru's POV-

My hands hurt.

I'd been taking out my abnormal emotions on objects to stop me from hurting someone.

But as a result, I've sliced up the palms of my hands.

I sat on the bench next to Mi's desk and licked the wounds on my hands.

"Honestly, If you're not being victimized, then you're picking fights." Mi said, and I sighed.

I know he cares and he's the closest I've had to a good father, but I guess he just doesn't understand.

I mean he is just a cousin after all.

I started to close my eyes, when the doors opened.

"Oh, Welcome!" Mi said, grinning.

I stared in shock, it was Shizuku.

She held a piece of paper with the grade scores on it, her name was at the top.

"First." She said,

I was confused, "So, what's your point? You hate me so much that you just wanted to come and rub it in my face?" I said irritably,

"I don't hate you." She said, "I don't hate you Haru."

She nodded, "And I forgot to tell you: Thank you for coming to save me." 

She smiled, "You made me happy."

-Shizuku's POV-

After that, the general consensus is that Yoshida Haru, has calmed down.


"You're quiet today."  I said, I was in the library with Haru, I was studying and for once he was quietly reading a book.

"Yep you bet." He grinned, "Because you care about studying a lot, for some reason, right?"

He looked sincere, "If it's something you care about, then it's something I care about."

I looked at him in shock, He has changed...

So this is what it's like to be cared about...

I stood up abruptly, and Haru looked up from the desk.

"What is it? Are you done?"

I suddenly had a brilliant idea,

"A-are you hungry?"


"Monja, Monja, Monja!"

Yes, I had agreed to take Haru to the Monja diner.

"You must be really hungry if you stopped studying."

"Oh, well... I wasn't getting any studying done."

"Hmm?" He said,

I smiled, "Plus, you look happy."

He stared at me and then grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling me towards him.

Then he did it.

He kissed me.



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