My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


5. Chapter 4

The next day, Yoshida-kun showed up at school.

He stood there cowering, with his hands in his pockets against the school wall.

I thought i'd got past him without being noticed but, as usual i was wrong.

"Sh-Shizuku!"  He practically yelled as he followed me, "I-i'm so nervous I can't move my legs!"

I turned around to face him, "What are you doing here?!"

-One Month Later-

"Shizuku! Help! I'm being robbed!"

 No surprise, it was Haru, and this time he was holding up a boy by the collar saying he was being 'robbed'...

"They told me to give them money!" The boy he was holding up had a thick nosebleed and Haru just, like usual, yelled for my help.

Ana as usual, I just walked off while he stood there confused.


"Where are you going Shizuku?"

"Gym." I answered flatly, and Haru suddenly went bright red.

"o-oh, B-but this is normal..." He said as he unbuckled his belt.

What the f**k is he doing?!

Wow... Lets just keep it simple, yes? I'll leave all the details to you and your dirty minds...

But yes, he did get undressed.

Fully undressed.

In front of everyone.

"What? But Mi-Chan said that..."


Over the past month, I've come to realize that there is no end to his wacky behavior, that arises from Haru's misguided notions about school.

but, none of it mattered to me.

The problem was this...

"Take me here." Haru demanded, holding up a leaflet for the best diner in town.

"No." I said bluntly, my head still in my book. He leaned over me so closely and stuck the leaflet against my head.

"Why not?!" He whined, "We're talking Monja! Monja!"

Monja is a Japanese type of pan-fried batter with various ingredients. 

"Like I've already explained," I shout pushing the leaflet away, "I want to study after school!"


Yes, ever since returning to school,


He's been following me around.


And i'm having trouble studying...


"Oh, Mizutani-san!" My teacher yells, seeing me outside of the classroom.

She was walking towards me, until she saw Haru climbing over the fence, and she stopped in her tracks, gasping.

Haru just climbed down and stared at her menacingly,

"What are you looking at?!" He said, and I placed a hand on his back to calm him down,

"No need to intimidate her."

He kept the same expression on his face as he said, "I don't like you!" and "Get lost!"

I muttered under my breath, "You should join her..."

But unfortunately, he heard me and grabbed me by the collar, he didn't lift me off the ground, but his face was still inches from mine.

Saeko gasped,

"Wait! Stop! Stop!" 

Haru growled at her sudden input.

"Yo-Yoshida-Kun. You are supposed to treat girls with care!" she said, explaining. "i'll lend you one of my favorite books." She handed him a book and ran off, "Okay! Get along now!"

Haru flipped the book open and read from the very middle.

"That was when he put his arms around me in a gentle embrace..." He said reading it very slowly, and humming. "And my heart began to pound." 

And before I could turn around he had put his arms around me, in a 'gentle embrace'.

More like a really awkward one...

He keeps holding me and all I can think about is his confession,

'my feelings won't change.'

'I'll always love you.'

I see his serious face in my mind and my heart pounds.


After thinking and thinking about what he meant...

"Sensei! What does it mean to treat someone with care?" Haru yells, his hand high in the air.

"You need to be considerate."

"What do you do to be considerate?" 

"You should do nice things."

And for the first time in my life, I gave up on a question I couldn't solve.





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