My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


4. Chapter 3

Everything seems fine at school the next day, no Haru, no problem.

Saeko comes up behind me,

"Did you ask him about school?" She asks hopefully,

But I disappoint her, "No."

"Oh," She says her face full of despair. "The way things are looking, he'll probably be expelled." She said before walking off with her shoulders slumped.


Don't ask me why i'm back at Haru's house, I don't know myself.

"Welcome." Mi says, as I enter the arcade. "Haru isn't here."

"Oh, No um..." I start, "Can you tell him he'll be expelled if he keeps skipping school?"

Mi stares at me with a blank expressionless face, as I turn to leave.

"Bye." I say.

"Hold on," He says, "Want a go at it?"

So here I am, hitting baseballs with a baseball bat, in an arcade.

I groan at myself as I miss yet another ball.

Why am I doing this?

I shouldn't have come here.

"Man, what's up with Haru?" I overhear a familiar voice, it sounds like...the boy from yesterday! I know it's nosy but I keep quiet and decide to listen.

"He stopped giving me money."


"Does it matter? It's not like you're broke or anything..."

"But it's lame. No point in bothering with him anymore."

See? Told you so. IDIOT

I gasp as I finally hit the ball and send it flying.

Proudly I turn around, and gasp again when I see Haru, sat leaning against the back wall, wearing a loose blue sweater and grey jeans, staring at his shoes. He looks as if he's about to break down through his messy hair. He must have been listening in to their conversation too. Poor thing, all he wanted was some real friends.

So he actually does have feelings.

Not that I care. I think as I pick up my bag and leave the arcade.

Something is wrong with me I think as I stop beside a table at it sit four boys, precisely the ones from yesterday.

They look up at me startled, 

"What do you want?"

"Oh, isn't she... The girl who was with Haru?"

I don't know why i'm doing this... But after seeing his face earlier.

"Y-Yoshida-Kun thinks you guys are his friends." I say, Mi looks up from his desk watching as I scold the boys, "So if you consider him a friend, you should be honest with him!"

The one who stole money from Haru yesterday stands up slowly, an angry look on his face.

"What's your problem?"

He puts out a hand as if to hurt me, but it stops centimeters from my face as I cower in fear.

I look up at the same time as the boy to see Haru, with a careless look on his face, his hand around the boys wrist, stopping him from coming into any contact with me. 

"Ha-Haru?" The boy starts, but without a change in facial expression Haru grabs the boy by the front of his shirt, and with one hand, lifts him far off the ground.

The boy struggles but Haru doesn't budge,

"You guys should leave." He says giving a careless glance at the group of boys, and he drops the one he's holding up.

That boy never seizes to surprise me.


Afterwards Yoshida-Kun walked me home without saying a word.

The sun had started to set as we walked up the steps up the mountain.

And the strangest thing happened. Out of all people,

Haru started to cry.

"Y-you don't need to cry!" I said, surprised.

That look on his face, it broke my emotionless little heart.

Out of all people, Haru, Haru was crying.

He wiped his face with the sleeve of his green hoodie he had put over his blue sweater.

"N-no... I was just so happy." He said,

I don't understand... I didn't shed a single tear when the school rabbit died, but now... I'm about to break down.

I stepped a few steps down to where Haru was standing and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him.

I felt his body tense up when I did, I guess he's never experienced this much physical contact.

"It's okay." I said, trying to sooth him,

"It won't be long until you're surrounded by many people." I rubbed his back gently,

"If you're there," He started to speak as I pulled out of the tight embrace. "I'll try going to school."

I grinned, "I'm glad to hear that."

And just when I thought my day couldn't  get any weirder, this happened...

"My heart is beating really fast!" Haru said emphasizing his speech by getting a little bit closer to me.

I was confused so I just looked at him,

"I think I like you." Haru confessed, and I gasped.

"Y-you mean as in a friend kind of way?" I said, thinking that was probably what he meant.

Suddenly his face was centimeters from my face, "In a sexual way!" He yelled, and I took a few steps back,

"W-wait a second," I said trying to gather my senses. "It's probably just a phase. You're misunderstanding your own feelings because you've never had any friends before."

He looks at his feet, puzzled. 

"So once I make more friends, you'll believe me?" He says looking out at the sunset and leaning on the banister of the stairs.

"I-I guess..."

"Fine, but my feelings won't change." He says, "I will always love you."

It was a beautiful spring day when I received my first confession of love in my life. 





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