My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


3. Chapter 2

I get back to the school as fast as possible, and am greeted by a very thankful Saeko.

"Thank you! He wouldn't even come near me! How did it go?" She asks,

I sigh and look at my feet, "He called me a friend."

"What? That's amazing!" She says surprised. She then smiles, "In that case, can you persuade him to come to school?"


"You see because of all the drama, he doesn't trust school anymore." She explained, "I'd have trouble sleeping at night, if he quits school as a result..." She then laughs, "So persuade him to come back."

I grin and she gets excited, "I refuse." 

Her face drops and she becomes desperate, "Wh-why?" She yells after me as I walk away, she grabs onto my bag as I leave, "I really need your help!" I just ignore her, "Are you telling me to go persuade him?"

But I swore to myself I would stay clear of that guy as I went back home.

Everything seemed normal as I walked through the gates reading my new textbook.

When suddenly a hand came out of nowhere and clasped around my mouth, pulling me away from everyone else, and into a dark alley.

To be honest, with strength like that, it was no surprise that it was Haru.

"No funny moves." He said as he tried to keep me still, "Make one move and I rape you."

I nod and gasp as he lets go of my mouth, "Good." He says as he clambers into a huge cardboard box and crawls away, "Follow me." He says,

All I can do is do what i'm told.


After a while we end up in a field, with a beautiful river alongside.

"Um... Why did you bring me here?" I ask him, and his answer is simple,

"I found a stray dog on the way over. So I hid it here."

"A dog?" 

I'm not too fond of animals, you see when I was back at primary school, the class pet rabbit Mimi died. Everyone was crying, everyone but me. I just wanted to get home, I had homework to do! Even as a small child I couldn't spend my time crying over a dead rabbit, I had to do my homework for good grades, after that, my classmates began calling me Dry ice. Bu what was I supposed to do? I didn't feel sad at all.

"Oh, Here it is!" I was snapped out of my daze by Haru, who apparently found the stray.

But the stray had a collar, and a lead.

"Where you sick of waiting? Did you miss me?" Haru grinned petting the dogs head,

"Haru! That's probably not a stray!" I yelled,


After I returned the dog to it's rightful owner, I went with Haru to the burger place just around the corner.

He sat blowing bubbles in his drink sadly, as I ate my donut.  

Why am I here?

And wait, Who are these guys?

Four boys around my age stood around our table, it seemed strange for me, but Haru welcomed them as friends.

One of them got a little closer to Haru,

"Yo, Haru." He said,

Haru Grinned, "Whats up, Yamaken?"

Yamaken looked at me, "Who's this?" 

"Oh, this is my friend Shizuku."

Yamaken raised one eyebrow, "Friend huh?"

Another one of the boys behind me chipped in suddenly,

"So Haru, Could you lend me some money?"

"Again?" Haru asked, wide eyed.

I was shocked, he called these people his friends.

"I screwed up and my allowance was cut." The boy explained.

Haru looked unimpressed, but the boy managed to persuade him, 

"Come on aren't we friends?"

I knew it, Haru was a complete idiot! As soon as the word 'friend' was said Haru grinned bashfully and handed over the money!

Yamaken stared at me suspiciously as the group of boys left.

"So, what's it like?" Haru said suddenly,

I stared at him blankly, confused, and he stood up abruptly raising one fist angrily.

"DON'T PLAY DUMB!" He yelled, and I cowered, scared. "I KNOW YOU WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY!" 

"Wh-what's your point?" I said shakily, and he looked down sorrowfully, 

"W-was it fun?" He asked.


He then sat down, gathering his humanity again.

"S-so this is kinda like hanging out with a friend after school, huh?" He asked, smiling.

I stared at him bewildered by his unusual way of thinking, "Are you saying that you want to go to school?" I asked.

He looked at me as if I couldn't have said anything more stupid,

"If you want to know what it's like, just go." 

He looks down at his feet again before saying,

"I'm scared. Everyone is afraid of me for some reason."

NO SHIT SHERLOCK, sorry carry on :) 

"It doesn't take long before they all start avoiding me." He looks at me sadly, "That's why I don't want to go to school."

He then grins, "You're the first person who came to my home!" 

His logic is so different.

"And those guys were the first people to hang out with me, without being scared." He nods, "So I don't need to go to school now."

I look up at him, "You're the only one who sees it that way." 

He gazed at me confused. He's obviously going to need a little help.

"Real friends wouldn't use you for money." His face drops as I continue, "I don't have any friends, so i'm no expert. But i'd rather have no friends, than have friends like them."

And then suddenly my hair is dripping, Haru's soda has been poured onto my head. The orange liquid drizzling down my face, ice cubes falling from his tilted cup. His face a picture of pure violence. 

He looks at me once more before walking straight past me, 

"You're a bad person." Are the only words that came from his mouth as he saunters off.

But he isn't going to get away that easily.

I stand up and grab my soda, launching it at his head as he walks through the sliding glass doors.


It hits him right in the middle of the back of his head, and people gasp as the liquid runs down.

He turns around slowly, and I can literally feel the fury coming from him.

Without thinking I turn and run like wildfire.

I mean, what's his problem? 

I was just stating the facts.









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