My little monster

Haru Yoshida is a monster.
He spilt blood on his first day of elementary school.
Everyone was terrified of him, he didn't come to school for three years after that.
But if he did come back?
What then?


2. Chapter 1

My name is Shizuku Mizutani, I'm a first year with a droning reputation, some call me a cold, emotionless, study-a-holic, but I call myself determined.

I live with my father, because since my mother works constantly, I never see her.  

Then there is my little brother, Takaya, he's mostly quiet and timid, doesn't talk much, if you get where i'm coming from.


It was an early summer morning, in Syoyo high, and I sat at my desk quietly, yes you guessed it, studying. People were gathered in groups, dotted around the classroom talking, about the usual school gossip.

My studying slowed as I reached the end of my textbook, I was thankful, It was about time I got a new one.

"Saeko!" I yell, my professor lifted her head slowly, looking in my general direction.

"Yes, Miss Mizutani?"

"I need to get the new textbook... Do you know where I can get it?" 

She groaned and grabbed a large brown envelope off the shelf behind her.

"I'll buy it for you." She said, "But first, will you do me a favor?"

I nodded and put my equipment back into my satchel, I then  headed over to her desk, she handed me the envelope,

"Deliver this to the address on the front for me?"

I nodded again and left the school, quickly walking past many houses and finally arriving in front of...

The Misawa Game Beats Center?!?

Jeez, whoever lives here must be doused in money...

I push my way through the glass door and head upstairs for the front desk, A handsome young man stands behind it, his hair dark and his eyes covered by thick sunglasses.

"If you're looking for-" The man begins, but suddenly there is a smashing sound and another young man comes flying from one side of the room to the other.

He also has messy dark brown windswept hair, some of it covering his face, he has a fantastic jaw line, and he wears a loose grey hoodie that only covers one of his shoulders, his olive toned skin in plain sight.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT MARCO DIED!" He screams, and the man at the desk shakes his head and lowers himself onto the desk,

"Haru!" He shouts, "I told you to control yourself in here!" 

So that's Haru? The famous monster that nobody knows about? But he seems so innocent and adorable...

"But Mi, he..." Haru starts, but the man cuts him off swiftly,

"You can't blame Marco's death on anyone else." He says, looking over at an arcade game in the corner. "You just suck." 

Now I understand... They're talking about the arcade game...

"Anyway, Haru, You have a guest," The man who Haru called Mi, gestures at me.

Haru looks me up and down before turning his whole body and launching himself across the room and out of the open window.

From three stories up.

I'm guessing he didn't have a soft landing from the crashing noise afterwards either.

Mi looks like he's seen this ten times before and casually lights a cigarette.

I suddenly remember why I was there in the first place, I turn to Mi and hand him the handout's.

"Here you go. I was asked to drop these off." I say, stunned after what I had just witnessed.

I then turn and leave the building, walking down the streets and through crowds of people, unnoticed. 

When suddenly a bush next to me rustles, I stop walking and am abruptly jumped on and dragged to the ground.

I squeeze my eyes closed tightly and when I open them, Haru hovers over me.

I'm lying in the grass, my wrists pinned down by his hands, one of my legs in between his, as he keeps me pinned to the ground. His face is purely angry.

"Are you a fucking spy for the school or something?" He asks me, his voice sounding extremely dangerous,

"Huh?" I say 'Of course i'm not' I think to myself,

"DON'T PLAY DUMB!" He yells, I struggle as he tightens his grip around my wrists,

"Ow! That hurts!" I shout, "I was just dropping off some handouts!"

He looks surprised as he lets go of my wrists and moves off me, I shuffle backwards, away from him.

"Handouts?" He asks, trying to clarify what I just said. "You better not be lying to me." He says sternly.

I nod quickly and he sits more comfortably, crossing his legs slightly, His hoodie still hanging off one shoulder exposing his bare skin.

"I thought you were gonna tell me to go school like that one teacher lady." He says, not watching me as I get up and try to walk away. 

But I don't get far before he turns and spots me, 

"What's your name?" He asks,

"M-Misutani Shizuku." I answer,


( Japanese people say their names backwards, as well as writing backwards. Their books are always backwards too... )

"Shizuku." He says, repeating my name.

I nod and he looks bashful, rubbing his neck.

"S-so this is like when someone gets sick..." He says, "And a friend brings him handouts..."

Did he just call me his friend?! Jeez this guy needs to learn social skills...

He grins bashfully, "Oh, you can call me Haru!" He's strange... "S-since we're friends now!" Okay he's very strange...

I awkwardly start to walk off before the situation gets any worst, and he stands up quickly. Waving exitedly as I walk away,

"See you later Shizuku!" He yells behind me,



That was my first impression.






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