Sky's Diary

Hey I'm Sky and I'm writing my life in this diary, I'll chance all the names from my friends and Family so Sky isn't my real name (Warning: My life has sadness, a little self harm and stuff like that) If that triggers you don't read it


1. Choir Weekend

Dear diary it's Sky again,
You're not gonna believe this but when I came back from my choir weekend no one was really excited to see me :'( my mom just said: "Get in the car" and that's it. Instead of asking how was your weekend she just went silent.
When we finally came home i just dropped my bag and I was behind my computer. It's the only thing that gives me peace in this house.
When I opened my computer my mom started yelling that I need to empty my bag instead of just asking. So I just did it so I could get back to my computer to check my facebook, my twitter, movellas,.... and I just sat down and my mom started yelling again that I needed to do all the chores, I have a brother and sister why can't they help I always need to do everything. So after all those chores it was dinir time and guess what? My brother and sister were laughing about me so I didn't say a thing after that I just cleaned the table and then I could finally have some peace.

So all the other days my mom said I was lazy and let me do all the chores and no one asked how my weekend was it's so frustrating. I have one way to calm down without my computer, and that's music. I listen to music all day long mostly Black Veil Brides that's my favorite group and the songs that they make help me calm dawn.

When we were going christmass shoping me and my brother were walking together and we buyed presents for the rest of the family and guess what? My brother had something for my sister that she would love and he just wanted to give me some candy and the rest of the family nice stuff ofcourse I didn't agree and I told him if he would buy candy for me I would kill him (not for real ofcourse) I guess my family truly hates me 'cause I have to do all the chores and my siblings can be lazy and they never buy something funny for me, so my life sucks, you might think your life doesn't suck that much but wait until you hear the rest.

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