| 10 teens |
| fatherless |
| powers |
| different stories |
| training for there life |
| to save humanity |

His eyes were filled with pain. I was expecting tears, but none came out. He licked his lips and finally looked at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat to say something. Opening my mouth,he interrupted.

"Why is it so easy to kill our happiness, but so hard to kill our sadness?" His eyes became watery.
"All I can think about is the sadness in my head no other emotions, they are all dead."


1. Prologue

"I told you to never come into my study Jennifer!"

Her angry tears flowed down her face.

"This is why you married me!?" His back was facing her. Her fisted hands were turning white, trying to keep her angry in. Instead her voice came out angrier.

"Alejandro! God damn it! Answer me you fool!"

The man whipped around in a blink of an eye. His eyes were evil with lies and secrets. Her eyes widened, sweat from her forehead, she was not only angry but hurt. She was a healer that couldn't heal herself from this terrible pain.

He whispered, "Yes. I married you cause........ I love you Jennifer." The man stepped forward to touch her growing stomach.

His eyes were then curious. She wiped her tears, watching him.

"I sense twins darling."

Her heart felt more empty than ever.

She pursed her lips, "Alejandro.....you must leave. I know the others don't know and I will tell them what your plan is with all their men." She backed away.

He lifted his head up slowly, "Are you banning me from our twins Jennifer. You know how long I wait for them."

"You wanted them for the Coven to make you strong."

"No not at all darling. It's for the family.....We-"

"You wouldn't need other families kids would you then. You would be taking there innocent, beautiful kids just to full fill yourself. I may seemed like an idiot for all there years but I'm not stupid Alejandro!"

"But darling, I said I love you." He took a step forward.

She stepped back feeling the wall behind her. "Leave and never return! You're a insane monster!"

He took another step forward. They could feel each others body heat. He gently placed his hands on her stomach and whispered in her left ear, "But darling we're all insane."

She gasped lightly. He backed away. Then bent down to kissed her stomach.

"See you little ones soon." He stood back up and started walking out the door. He left her in shock.

She looked down at her precious ones then back up to him.

He turned around one last time. "Darling, monsters are real. They are living inside us all." Then he was gone......

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