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His eyes were filled with pain. I was expecting tears, but none came out. He licked his lips and finally looked at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat to say something. Opening my mouth,he interrupted.

"Why is it so easy to kill our happiness, but so hard to kill our sadness?" His eyes became watery.
"All I can think about is the sadness in my head no other emotions, they are all dead."


5. Darling

"Mr. Hastings before you left for winter break we talked about your resolution. Do you remember that?"

"Yea. I don't know why. It was honesty pointless."

I was back in the principals office once more. Its last hour and we only have 45 minutes to go before school ends.

"And you gave broke them, now that you did you have lost the deal."

Jasper rolled his eyes. "The best way to avoid breaking resolution? Don't make 'em! I should've listen to myself."

Jasper was now pouting like a little boy not getting his way.

"You now help Mrs. Medina with whatever she needs after school for a week. You will be there for a whole hour. And since you'll being doing pretty much extra hours you can put that down on this piece of paper to help you with graduating."

Whines and gunts came from Jasper's mouth as he took the green sheet from Mr. Mosby.

"Now you, Elizabeth. Its your first day and its the second time you've been in here. So why are you here? He shifted all his focus to me.

"Well I was laughing with the whole situation so she just sent me here with him." I pointed at Jasper but his seat was empty. Were did he-

"Jasper what are you doing?" I followed Mr. Mosby gaze behind me. Jasper was stuffing tons of fun size snickers into his pocket. He whipped his head at us, his eyes wide.

"Ummmm....you know just collecting snickers for the new reality tv show. Its called.......collecting snickers from Mr. Mosby office."

I bit my lip to hold my laughter. Mr. Mosby just took a long, loud sigh.

"Just leave you two. Jasper help Mrs. Medina for a week. And Elizabeth, this is just a warning. Now both get back to class."

I nodded, getting up then walked out with Jasper. We walked out of the main office into the hallway.

"Want one? He offfered me a snicker. I took it and ate it. There was a girl with long brown curly hair, fair skin, brown eyes and attitude coming our way. Swaying her hips all bitchy like.

The chick stomped to Jasper, "Jasper where is Dayton. We need to talk, like now."

He took another snicker out and held it out. "Here, girls crave these when they have bitchy attitudes."

"I don't want that Jasper." She sneered.

"Yesh, Katherine, smile once in a while. Never forget that smiling is free."

"Just tell me what class he's in. He won't text me back." She then put her attention on me, looking me up and down. "Who are you? Jasper I thought you like Rosab-"

Jasper interrupted her, "Wow are your eye lashes darker and longer?" He bend down to eye level with Katherine, but she was a few inches taller. Maybe it was her yellow heels.

Katherine growled, "I like my eyelashes as black as my heart and as long as the list of people I want to punch in the face." With that she stormed off the opposite direction we were going in. Her heels clicking loudly.

"Who was that?"

"That my good friend was someone you don't want to piss of. That is my cousin, Katherine Swan.


The bell finally rang as geometry was killing my brian. Jasper stayed behind to do what Mrs. Medina needed to be done. Racing down to my locker like everyone else I took a sharp turn, running into a brick wall then fell to the ground.

"Ahh shit." I hissed from the pain falling on my ass. My notebook laying next to me and my purse still wrapped around my left arm.

"Watch were you're going little girl."

I dusted my butt and looked up to a really attractive face. His eyes were black just like his hair. Perfect skin tone, jawline, soft lips.....damn he's hot!

"Quit checking me out. Im not into fourteen year olds." I snapped out of it. A little anger built up inside me. Honestly I get this a lot. With my 5'0 height and baby face everyone thinks Im in middle school. Most of the time I take it as a compliment, unless a asshole says it like this hot guy standing in front of me.

"Is today national asshole day or something?" Was all I came up with.

The jerk placed his hands over his hear, "Oh sorry, was I supposed to be offended by that." Then appeared a puppy face.

I didn't know what to say to that. He walked around me leaving me speechless. I turned around to watch him walk away. The way he glided in the hall without a care in the world was pretty hot. Badasses are hard not to like. Am I right ladies?

"Oh and by the way little girl, your diary is on the floor." With that said he turned to the corner.


"Damn, well you had a more action at school than I did."

Scarlette and I were sitting on our living room couch. We are pigging out to pizza that we ordered ourselves.

"So who's this mystery asshole your totally crushing on." Scarlette said her mouth full form a pepperoni slice.

I rolled my eyes, "It's not a crush, I just think he's very attractive.

"Ahh okay." She rolled her eyes. She took the remote control and turned the tv on.


We watched a good hour of Family Fued until Scarlette and I parted ways to do whatever. I took a shower, did homework, texted my bestie Lillianna from my old school.

There were a few knocks on the door.

"Come in." I sat on my tiny couch while texting Lillianna.

"Mom said her she'll be at nonnas so she won't be home tonight. Oh and we have to look for jobs tomorrow. I got my eye on the frozen yogurt place."

I immediately stopped texting and sat up straight. "What time does it close? Do you know because I'm really craving some like right now."

"It's 5:00. Its closes in an hour." I shot up from my seat and pushed my sister out my room.

"Get ready. Be down in 5." I then shut the door on her face. I licked my lips hungrily then got ready.

I HATE exams....they are the only things that stress me out.

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