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His eyes were filled with pain. I was expecting tears, but none came out. He licked his lips and finally looked at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat to say something. Opening my mouth,he interrupted.

"Why is it so easy to kill our happiness, but so hard to kill our sadness?" His eyes became watery.
"All I can think about is the sadness in my head no other emotions, they are all dead."


4. Caring

I sighed looking at the clock waiting for the bell to ring tapping my fingers on the desk lightly. I rolled my eyes as the hands of the clock moved along slowly.

5 more minutes, I told myself focusing on the notebook in front of me. I picked up my pencil silently drawing away until the bell rung. My day consisted of being early to almost every class and partially paying attention. I beelined to my locker and dumped my supplies inside grabbing my lunch happily. Lunch. The best time during school.

The whole incident with Blaine and Rosabelle didn't go through my mind a lot. Every kid has something extraordinary. I just gotta get use to seeing weird things out in the open.

After Blaine introduced both of them to me, they invited me to sit with them at lunch. So I texted Selena that we'll be sitting with them.

I eventually found my way into the cafeteria. Lets just say it looked a lot like High School Musical lunch setting. Just ours was black and red and without the 'E' for their East High symbol. The cafeteria was huge. With both sides with carpeted stairs that lead to more lunch tables.

My eyes moved rapidly around to look for them. From the corner of my eye, I saw something moving. Turns out it was my sister. I smile of relief. People were starting to notice me. Probably can sense i'm a new kid.

I plopped down between Scarlette and Rosabelle. Blaine sat next to Rosabelle. We sat at a round table which only fits 6 poeple. While the rectangle tables sat 8 people.

"Well lets get our lunch guys before they stop giving it out." Rosabelle stood up. "Lets go get your favorite Blaine." He stood up but said nothing.

"Wait. Before you guys go, where's a vending machine?"

"Just take a right down the hall down,
you'll see it. It stands out." Rosabelle answered then left with Blaine. Scarlette opened up her home lunch, then nodded her head at me.

I stood up, and rushed to the vending machine. For a rich looking school, some of the hallway lights weren't working, which made it look kinda creepy. I saw a tall figure looking around awkwardly until he saw me approach the only vending machine that stood in front of him.

The guy looked harmless considering the dumb look on his face. He looked at me then checked if there was anyone else around. Next he took a step forward and spoke for the first time, "I kinda broke it."

My mind filled with curiosity making me look around too. First to his face, body then his feet. I saw glass scattered on the marble floor where he stood. He then took his right hand and grabbed a pack of seeds.

The boy kept looking around to check if anyone was watching then back at me. He continued this process 2 more times till he had 3 packages of different seeds. With nothing said, he marched pass me giving me one last glance.

I watched him leave until he was out of view. I stepped into his spot to see there was no glass on the machine. I shifted my feet to where I wouldn't be directly on the glass that was scattered along the floor realizing I've been here for a while. I quickly took tiny m&m cookies and scurried back to the table.


It's been 10 minutes that passed. Blaine, Rosabelle, Scarlette and I were all done eating, so we've been talking about the school pretty much. Blaine talked barely, Rosabelle did most of the filling in. My attention was focus on the others around us. I know it sounds creepy but others just caught my attention. No one was showing their abilities making me anxious. I just wanted to see them in use.

I caught sight of that guy at the vending machine. He wore a maroon sweater and a gray tee to match, with some blue skinny jeans. He was gliding through the lunch room with someone to the left of him. There backs were now turn against us so I couldn't see who he was with but by looking at the muscular, tall figure, it was a guy.

"Who's that?" I said pointing at the guy in maroon. "I ran into him at the vending machine." They all turn their heads towards him then back at me except Rosabelle.

"That's Jasper Hastings. He's kinda of a troublemaker but mainly a class clown, a huge one actually." I watched Rosabelle as she talked about him. She continued, "One time he got expelled from his old school for pretending to be Russian for 8 months. He pretended he couldn't read or write in English. He did good in all his classes because he had all the teachers and principals convinced he just moved from Russia, so they didn't make him do any work."

I then heard a snort then another till my sister roared with laughter. I joined in with her. Rosabelle and Blaine were staring at us like we were mad.

Scarlette caught her breathe after a minute, "Now that kid is gonna get far in life."


It's finally last hour and it seems like it's taking forever. Mrs. Medina finished the lecture for today's lesson and told us to work on the practice problems when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around coming face to face with Jasper.

He had a goofy smile as he pointed to the front of the room, "Watch this." he whispered with a sly smirk.

Mrs. Medina began to erase the board, a large cat on its surface. As she reached it only the tail, ears, legs, and facial features washed off leaving a pen*s behind. The classroom filled with laughter as she began to rub the board furiously.

"JASPER!" She yelled in fury turning towards the students. Jasper was holding his stomach, tears streaming down, his face red as he laughed. I tried to hide my laughter but failed miserably and began to laugh along side him.

"You two in the office! Now!" She wiped her right arm, pointing to the door. He held up his hands in defense.

"But I'm just an innocent bystander." I laughed again which made Mrs. Medina face turn red with angry.

We then both stood up, Jasper behind me. But before we walked out Jasper said, "Never take life seriously Mrs. Medina. No one gets out alive anyways.


What do you guys think of Jasper? Who's your favorite so far and why. See y'all next chapter :)

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