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His eyes were filled with pain. I was expecting tears, but none came out. He licked his lips and finally looked at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat to say something. Opening my mouth,he interrupted.

"Why is it so easy to kill our happiness, but so hard to kill our sadness?" His eyes became watery.
"All I can think about is the sadness in my head no other emotions, they are all dead."


3. Blessings

Scarlette and I were at the principles office by 8:00 this morning. The principal was a male probably around his mid 30s. He had dark skin, bald head, thick black glasses that made his eyes seem bigger than they really were. Oh, and a thick British accent.

When we walked in there, there were 4 chairs placed in front of his desk. We both sat down in the middle chairs and waited.

The principal was too concentrated on paperwork that he didn't notice us. I didn't want to interrupt to come off rude, so I cracked my knuckles (bad habbit of mine) to grab his attention. It didn't work at all. I turned my head to the right to where my sister sat. She rolled her eyes and kicked his desk after her fake cough. The man jumped up, scared. He fixed his glasses that were slanted on his face from the jump. He cleared his throat then glared at us. I gave him a sly smile while Scarlette admire her nails.

"You must be the Galvez sisters. Welcome to our high school. This is a school that only special students come to learn and to practice their special skills. This school is like any other. Everyone here gets 1 warning. 2nd you will get detention. 3rd you'll get a phone call home and 4th you well be suspended for a week. Do you both understand how we work here?"

"Yes." Scarlette's voice was faint. He made me nervous with his stern accent that I was fiddling with my hands.

His voice was directed at me, "Do you Miss Galvez?" I nodded just like a bobble head.

"Then here are your guys schedules." He took paper in both hands and held them out to us. "Now be off on your ways and I expect good from you two. Have a great day." We took our papers leaving in silence. I followed after my sister to were all the secretary ladies. It was chaos. It was rush hour.

Phones were ringing. People walking, talking everywhere and here were even kids sitting waiting to be called up for what they need.

"What a serious guy huh? You were totally nevous." My sister chuckled.

"Ehh I know. Anyway what's your first hour?"

"I have Psychology. You?"

I glanced at my schedule, "Cooking. Oooo food." I licked my lips then rubbed my stomach on purpose. 

We both stopped in the main entrance of the school.

"You are officially a fat ass."

I responded winking 2 times. She gave me disgusted look.

"Anyway my lockers this way so yeah." Changing the subject and pointed her thumb behind here.

"Well I'll see you later then sis." I booty bumbed her, walking away giggling. She shuffled to keep her ground. I spun on my heel running my fingers threw my hair. Finally I was heading towards my locker.


My locker was red like the rest with a black lock hanging. I halted in front of my locker. Placing my tiny hands on my lock, I turned the first number to 16, and continued from there. A second later a teacher and a guy my age came aroud the corner.

The teacher was holding a video camera up to her face, "Lets film here. Stand there." Her voice was deep and mean. Maybe because it was her tight black bun that held her pale face up. I shifted my eyes to watch, the guy looking like crap... His dirty blonde wavy, flippy hair was messy. Also his pale skin gave away that he had bags under his eyes. Like he hadn't slept in days. He obeyed her command.

"Are you ready?" asked the teacher lady. He rubbed his eyes and nodded. With her left hand she held the video camera and with her right hand she raised her fingers counting down from 3. She whispered, "3...2...-"

The guy set all focus into the camera lens and spoke. "Hi. My name is Blaine Clark and this is my attempt 90." He took a deep breath and then swallowed. I held my arms into my chest. I felt a cold chill. I just ignored the feeling and turned back around facing my locker.

Lifting my lock up, I suddenly heard a sound. A sound of a cracked neck.


I spun on my heels. Blaine fell to the ground. I froze starring at his broken neck in fear. The teacher lady did nothing! She didn't move an inch, just kept filming. I dropped my purse and ran to Blaine.

"Oh my gosh! What are you doing filming this? You have to call 911! Or get the school nurse or something!" At this point I was shouting at her while classes all around were going on.

"He's perfectly fine. You're in his death shot. Now leave for his attempt or I will give you a week detention for not being in class little girl." The wrinkly lady threatened.

I didn't care what she said to me. I've been in detention for breaking up my sisters fight at our last school. Knowing this school is special and all but this kid just killed himself and she is filming it.

I knelt down on my knees right next to his body. I tired to get a pulse but no use. I flipped him gently on his back to try again. His dirty blonde hair were covering most of his eyes. His eyes were black from what I could only see. I went to move his hair but he shot up for a huge gasp of air. I shrieked and fell backwards on the cold marble floor.

Blaine painted, his chest moving up and down rapidly. His eyes were still black. He looked possessed. My eyes wondered everywhere on his body, to the teacher and back to him. His neck was still broken. His panting calmed down. From staring at me, he checked at his body until he felt a pain in his neck.

"Damn it." Blaine hissed. He then touched his neck lightly. His eyes squinted in pain. Then shot up to my eyes.

"Stop the filming Rosabelle." His voice was stern. Rosabelle obeyed and stopped filming. My breathing slowly went to normal.

As you can tell, I was shock and confused. Very. She recorded him snapping his neck until he told her to stop and Blaine coming 'back' to life acting like his snapped neck is like a paper cut. If you were in my position you would be feeling what I am.

Blaine stood up carefully dusting himself off. With his eyes still open, they turned brown. I then found the confidence to speak.

"H..how a...are you....okay. Your pulse.....s..st..stopped." He extended his hand out to me. I was shaking.

"Its fine. I won't break your neck. Promise." Quickly I snatched my purse then took his hand. His voice was low and quiet.

He took both his hands to put pressure on the bone sticking out on his right side of his neck. His hissed was louder then all the cracking that it made me jump a little.

"Rosabelle you got it all?" Why was he talking to the teacher by her first name? She pursed her thin lips.

I then started to notice her wrinkles all over her face were disappearing. Her eyes were glowering pink. Next her whole body was transforming into a younger body. The black tight bun was now a ginger color and was let down. Its long with perfect curls at the ends. Her skin wasn't pale anymore. Its actually a lighter tone than peach. Which matches great with her big green eyes, nose and full lips.

She was beautiful. Not just because she was the most prettiest ginger I've seen all my life but damn her makeup was on point too. Just having thin eyeliner with mascara and to finish it with red lipstick.

I then noticed I was starring for too long. I forced my eyes to Blaine to already see him looking at me.

Blaine broke the silence, "This here is Rosabelle and I am Blaine. Welcome to Nathan Hale High."


Okay a little more extraordinary people like. Which I'm actually happy about. Anyways I hope this is a interesting book and all. Tell me what you guys think of my book so far :)

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