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His eyes were filled with pain. I was expecting tears, but none came out. He licked his lips and finally looked at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat to say something. Opening my mouth,he interrupted.

"Why is it so easy to kill our happiness, but so hard to kill our sadness?" His eyes became watery.
"All I can think about is the sadness in my head no other emotions, they are all dead."


2. Alluring

5 strawberries......check!

Nutella jar.......check!
Now the best part; dipping the strawberries in Nutella.

"Elizabeth!" I sighed loudly. Are you frickin serious!?

I quickly grabbed a napkin ignoring my name.

"Elizabeth! Come to my room! You have one second!"

I froze. My eye color soon was red. It's kinda our thing with us 'extraordinary people.' When we use our powers, our eyes change color. And having a second to get to my sister would be no problem.

I zoomed through the living room, up the stairs and into her room. I would've stopped but I fell instead.

"One." Her voice was soft and soon came a roar of laughter. I glared at her and I blinked to change my eye color back to light brown.

"What the hell?" I repositioned sitting Indian style on her coral carpet. Her carpet matched mostly everything in her room. Mine is the same but it's in lavender.

I glared at the pile of clothes that I tripped on.

"Why isn't your room clean Scarlette?" I asked sternly.

"My room was clean, but then I had to decide what to wear. " She stated as I shook my head lightly. I understand, it's a girl's everyday struggle.

Her eyebrow raised, "What were you doing?"

"I was eating."

"Again!?" She exclaimed as I smile widely.

I continued, "I was eating just in case I get hungry later. Oh and why did you want me?"

She gave me a look like 'you funny'! "HA! I don't want you. I want the Netflix password."

My face dropped. I'm done with my sister. I wrote it down for her so many times that she never bothered to remember it nor keep the papers.

"So you gonna give it to me? Maybe.....Please..."

Smirking I said, "Fine it's........." I waited for a second of suspense. Her eyes were curious......."DEEZNUTS!!!"

Scarlette gasped. Her eyes changed to blue, if you look closely into her eyes, on her Iris you see tiny lighting strikes. My eyes changed too. Scarlette rose her hands, about to shock me but I ran out with my super speed. She missed as usual. Scarlette has Electric Manipulation. It goes along with her shocking personality. Hehe get it?

I was back in the kitchen like from the start. I've used my power so much I don't run out of breath like I use to when I was little.

"You better have not broken anything young lady." Said a familiar voice.

"Mámá!!!!" I practically ran into her body.

"Ooofff. Haha well someone's is happy to see me." I held her tightly for a few seconds and then backed away.

Her sandy hair was in a messy ponytail. Makeup mostly gone from her sweat and she was in her workout clothes. My mámá is a special personalize workout trainer for famous people.

"Hey mámá. How was work?" Scarlette walked past mámá and over to the Island. 
Mámá signed, "Well it was very busy with lots of stuck up customers. So if you don't mind don't kill each other while I take my nap."

Scarlette and I looked at each other then nodded yes. We then gave mámá a kiss on her cheek before she went up.

When Scarlette and I were younger we would always kiss mámá goodnight. If we didn't we wouldn't be able to fall asleep.

"Is that my snack you're eating!?" I shrieked. Scarlette took two strawberries and dipped them into the Nutella giving me a ugly look.

"Scarlette! Are you seriously gonna eat my food and give me a ugly look?"

She finished the strawberries and rolled her eyes. "Actually it might be a random person that has mind control and there are making me do this."

I full on glared at her. I took the Nutella and the 3 strawberries. "Don't always have to be sarcastic."

"If you don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask a stupid question." I huffed knowing she was right.


"Here just put some product to calm it down."

I was trying to fix my sister's hair. Her hair is usually easy to tame but not today. Just great. We had to hurry to get to school. It's our first day at Nathan Hale High.

"My hair has been hella disrespecting me." Scarlette grumbled.

"Girls! You gotta go!"

"Just use gel to calm your baby hair down." Her face cringed. She doesn't use that stuff unless she has to.

From her hairline she braided her hair, leaving the rest down. She made tiny curls with her curler while I straightened mine.

I ran into my lavender room to grab my bag. I quickly looked at myself in the mirror to self check. Quickly, I slide on a skinny headband then ran my fingers threw my hair. My signature look is my hair half up, half down but its a new year and school so I just left it down.

"Girls let's go NOW!" Damn mámá got vocals.

Closing my bedroom door looking over seeing my sister doing the same. We jogged downstairs to see our mámá annoyed.

"Why weren't you ready 10 minutes ago? You both have to be at the principal office by 8:00."

"Sorry mámá Scarlette had hair problems so I tried to help her." I shrugged holding a weak smile.

"Oh Boy, just get school!" Mámá pushed us out the house and then we were on our way to a new somewhat life.


Okay already know what you guys think......'Wow confusing beginning.'

But trust me guys it will make sense and it will be better. See y'all next chapter ^.^

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