Tough love :( or :(

This is my first story I have ever written hope u enjoy ������������������


6. The begging

(I have black hair with died red tips and I have green eyes.I wear basically what Michael wear) Hi that's me Blake.I have depression and I'm bipolar.Im 18 and I'm not a virgin.Heres my life story.

My mom is a drug addict she is abusive to.My mom tries to kill me but it never happens cause of my brother Michael Clifford.Yup from 5 seconds of summer. My dad hates me and he's raped me.My parents don't do anything to Mikey because they want to keep him clean so they can keep getting his money.I never speak so I'm basically mute permanently.Well my mute goes away when my parents come into my room and beat me metal and wood they even stab,burn,and choke me.I hate seeing Micheal seeing me like this I'd hate to be in his shoes.uop

(Next day midnight) Blakes P.O.V

I heard some laughing and screaming.Then my door slammed open revealing my drunk parents.My mom had a huge grin on her face and my dad had a smirk on his I new what was about to happen.I was about to get rapped.

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