Tough love :( or :(

This is my first story I have ever written hope u enjoy ������������������


2. Rapped

I started screaming but I knew I shouldn't have done that.Because I got punched in the jaw then I was picked up and thrown across the room."GET ON YOUR DAMN KNEES"he yelled and I obeyed.All that was going through my mind was Michael gets here today from tour.I just hope he gets here in time.When I went on my knees he unbutton his jeans and whipped out his dick."SUCK IT BITCH"he yelled I hesitated but then did it because I knew what he could do.All I could hear was grunts and moan which is disgusting."GET UP". My mom walked over and she was holding a needle."this would make it hurt less".she said.I started to feel numb.My dad ripped off my clothes.He pinned me on the wall and stuck it in me he then slapped me and slapped my ass during all of this I was crying and it hurt like hell.He threw me on the floor and releases his load on the floor. He started laughing and left me there"PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON YOU SLUT".I put on my clothes and then my dad dragged me across the floor my mom had a knife and had a huge smile across her face."TODAY IS THE DAY YOU DIE"she yelled.She walked closer to me and picked me up just as I was screaming she lifted up her knife just as she was about to end me the door burst open "I'm home "Michael turned around and saw me then all I remember is him yelling then it went black.

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