He was looking for something he didn't know existed.
She was looking for someone to fix her.
Maybe together they could help each other along breaking rules after rules.


1. Prologue

I have no reasonable excuse as to why I did what I did. I knew what we had and what we did was bound to end. I knew it was illegal and even though I tried to stop it I just couldn't stop thinking about her. How she laughed at my stupid jokes. How beautiful she looked when she cried. How those dimples showed up when she was shy or smiling at her thoughts. And how she made me realise that I could love someone even only have known her for a year.

I love her and that's the only excuse I have to have kept this going on for as long as it has.

I'm captivated by a 16 year old and I'm in trouble for loving her.


Authors note/:

So this is my new story, I'm not quite sure if I'm going to keep writing on this or what happens, we'll see.
Please bare with me if my grammar isn't right or I'm switching between British English or American English, I'm not from either of the country's but I'm doing my best to stick to one of them. If there's any mistakes, please tell me I wanna keep getting better with this.

So what did you guys think of this little snippet? I know it wasn't much but all I can say is that the whole story is from Louisa's perspective and not Eric's perspective even though we got an insight from Eric's perspective.

Yeah that's probably all I have to say as of right now, please give the story a vote and save it :)

Until next time guys,

Anna xxx

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