He was looking for something he didn't know existed.
She was looking for someone to fix her.
Maybe together they could help each other along breaking rules after rules.


5. CHAPTER FOUR - Oh. My. God.

“Can I please just sleep now?” I asked tired and looked at Ely who shook his head. “No, you need to be up a little longer, doctors order.” He said and took the two glasses of the dinner table. “You want some more ice tea?” He asked when walking over to the kitchen. “Yup!” I yelled with a sigh and thanked Ely when he came back with two glasses of ice tea. “My head hurts.” I said and took a sip of my beverage. “Let me ge—“ Ely started but got cut off as his phone started ringing, “I need to get this, I’ll get you a pain killer, but it's the last for today.” He said, got up from his seat and walked out of the didn't room and started pacing in the hallway talking on his phone. “No she’s okay…. Head hurts… Nothing serious.. No you can’t talk to her.. Eric no…” Ely was quiet while he was on the phone, but I still heard snippets of his conversation on the phone. “Was that Eric?” I asked when he came back with a pain killer, “can I talk to him?” “Yes and no you can’t. Take your pill.” He said looking at me and then the pill. “How did he get your number?” I asked confused. “We switched numbers when you just got to the hospital after Adam called me telling me what happened to you. He was worried and knew he needed to go back soon when you got to the hospital and your parents weren't here yet, so we switched numbers and I promised I would update him. But he keeps calling and asking how you feel and wants to talk to you. But I told him plenty times that you need to relax but he doesn't understand it.” Ely sighed and turned off his phone when his phone rang again. “What are you waiting for, let me talk to him.” “Louisa, no.” He sighed and took my now empty glass along with his own and walked over to the kitchen again and then got back again with a small glass of water to me. “Take your pill and then you need to sleep.” He said and placed the glass in front of me, I sighed but did what he told me to do. “You're such a mom sometimes.” I said with a sad smile and swallowed my pill with some water. Having two dads were great, but there are times when I miss having a mom to be there when you go through a heartbreak, one who can understand your feelings. My dads did a great job raising me I believe, but there are the things that two dads can't do. But there was a million stuff they could do. For example Daddy N had the best taste in clothes and he could always make you happy and then there's Daddy G, who is one of the best cooks and he will always stand by your side. So I wasn't really missing something. Besides, whenever there was stuff my dads couldn't help me with my two aunts would be there in a heartbeat. My head was still hurting and my dads had let me sleep longer than I usually did, so I was actually quite late for school. Ely had to go home the night before, so I was all alone in the hallway and he was already in biology class now since classes already had started. I was actually quite late but my dad had written a note as to why I was late and gave me it when he said bye in the car when he gave me a ride to school. With a deep breath I knocked on the door to history waiting for Eric to say come in, quickly I stepped into the classroom and apologized for being late, walked up to his desk and placed my note on his desk and quickly walked down to my seat back in he class. “As I was saying, this project has a lot of value on what your grades will be in the end of the year. If I believe you aren't doing a good enough job on your project, it will obviously impact on your final grade of the year.” Eric said while walking around in class. "Is it in groups?” Lucas asked with a hint of desperation in his voice. “No it will be individual, I need to see how you work alone and not how a group works because we all know in a group there's the person who gets everything done and then there's the person who doesn't move a finger.” Eric said and sat down on his chair. “When is it due?” I asked, “not for a while, don't worry. You will get the date when we get closer to it. But make sure you start soon.” He said and the proceeded to tell us we could begin on our project. “And while you're working on your project, there will be a few conversations about your project and if you need any help.” He added. “Louisa, since you were late I think we should start talking, if you guys have any questions I will be out in the hallway.” Eric said looking at me and then around the students in the classroom. “Uh sure.” I mumbled and got up from my seat and followed Eric out in the hallway. “How are you feeling?” Eric asked as soon as I closed the door to the classroom. “Uhh okay I guess. My dad told me you were the one that found me.” I said looking at Eric who nodded. “Yeah, I didn't know how long you had been laying there, but I couldn't take any chances so I called Adam who got the ambulance here as fast as it could.” Eric explained and tucked my hair behind my ear as if he forgot where we were. “You can't do that.” I said and stepped a little step away from him, Eric looked confused at me. “I'm your student, you can't do that.” I explained hoping he would get the memo. “I can’t stop thinking about you Louisa.” He whispered looking deeply into my eyes, “Ever since yesterday when I found you laying on the ground almost unconscious, I couldn't bear the thought of loosing you. I know that we shouldn't have a relationship outside these walls, but I can't stop thinking about you and thinking if we never tried this out.” He added with a sad voice, I sighed looking behind me and then back at Eric. “Meet me in the park on the bench at midnight. Don't be late.” I whispered and then walked in the classroom and when I sat down on my seat Eric called out a student who wasn't doing what he was supposed to do. Since I was late, the lesson was quickly over and then I had a few minutes to go to my locker, place my books in my locker and then get an apple and my water bottle to keep me occupied in PE when looking at the other playing soccer. “Oh my god, Louisa. It's so good to see you again! I heard what happened yesterday, how are you feeling?” Leah came running towards me when I stepped into the gym and spat out her words. Shocked, as to why she talked to me since we never really talked to each other, I nodded with a little smile. "Uh yeah, nothing serious just a little concussion.” I said when we walked over to the bleachers where a few girls and guys were sitting waiting for class to start. “How are you Louisa?” Lewis, a new guy to the school, asked. “Fine, you?” I asked a little confused. “Good, heard what happened to you yesterday. Sorry about that.” He said and gave me a smile when I sat down beside him. “Thank you, it's nothing to be honest, just a small concussion.” I said and looked over at the doors form the changing rooms where Ely walked out of. “You weren't there last week, were you?” April asked looking at me, I shook my head. “Oh well, then you'll be excited to see who we’re having. New teacher, Mr. Kydd. Ashley is trying to score him, but looks like it's not working.” April explained and looked over at Ashley and Eric who was standing by the changing room doors, it was easy to see how she was struggling to try and keep his attention on her and not the students. “He's so hot though. Don't you think?” April asked and I looked over at her and then Eric. “Uh, sure. If you're into that type of guy.” I lied and bit my lip. "Uh you mean the hot type of guy?” She asked and I laughed. “But obviously nothing would happen between him or any student, it's against school policy and it would be illegal.” She sighed, “but if he wasn't a teacher I would totally do him.” He added, I faked a laugh. “Yeah…” I said and looked over at Ely. “Aye.” I said when he sat down beside me, he gave me a smile and also a smile to April who smiled back at him and then walked over to some of the other girls. April and Ely had been good friends once but something happened between them and then they weren't friends anymore, didn't talk to each other but were friendly whenever they needed to be. “You doing okay?” He asked worried, I nodded but felt a headache slowly coming. “Yeah, everyone seems worried, but I'm okay. My head starts hurting again, maybe I should get a pain killer from my locker.” I said and took a sip of my water bottle. "Want me to get it for you?" He asked, I shook my head, it wasn't like I had broken my leg and I couldn't get my pill, but I knew he meant it in a good way. “Okay, everyone round up!” Eric yelled when the bell rang and everyone was quickly over where Eric was and he started making teams for the two soccer teams. Not long after he rounded everyone up, everyone was split into two teams and getting ready for starting the game, but first making a tactic for their teams, while they started to do that, Eric walked over to me and asked as to why I wasn't changed. “I have a concussion, Ada- my doctor said that I couldn't be in PE for a week or as long as my head hurts.” I explained to him. "I knew that." He confessed, I gave him a confused look. “Why ask then?” “Everyone ready?” He yelled over his shoulder, turned around and blew in his whistle for the game to start. "Can I go and get my pain killer? I forgot to bring one with me.” I asked after a while watching the game evolve. Eric nodded his head without really knowing what he said yes to I think. Slowly I walked out of the gym and started to walk over to my locker, my head was hurting more as time went by and by the time I was at my locker my head was hurting like hell. As fast as I could I opened my locker and found a pain killer and swallowed the pill along with some water in my bottle and walked back to the gym. There was till over an hour back of the class and it couldn't go any faster so I could have lunch with Ely. “I'm so sorry I'm late I had to talk to the principle and then I couldn't find the gym.” A male voice said when the game was interrupted by someone opening the doors to the gym quite loudly. “It's alright, everyone we have a new one here in class, say hi to James. He started today.” Eric said and was followed by all the students to say hi. “You can get on Ely’s team, Ely raise your hand.” Eric said and looked over at Ely who raised his arm looking at me giving me a look. With furrowed eyebrows I looked over at where Ely had looked over at and I let out a hitched breath. James. It was James. In the gym. “Why do you always have to be a bitch?” He said angry. I started to remember glimpses of the episode from yesterday, the way James had his tight grip on my arms, how he pushed me down the stairs. How angry he was. “Continue the game!” “Are you okay Louisa? Louisa!” I closed my eyes and opened me again looking directly into Eric's eyes. “What? Yeah, I-I just… I'm okay..” I said looking over his shoulder and at James. What is he doing here? “What?” Eric looked confused at me. Did I say that out loud? “Nothing… I uh, I-I need to go.” I stuttered, took my water bottle in my left hand and got down from the bleachers. “What no, Louisa, you can't just walk away. What is it?” Eric asked serious with a stern look on his face. “I-I-I…” I took a deep breath and exhaled, “Nothing, I'm okay. I need to go to the toilet.” I said and left the gym. With quick steps and breaths I walked to the toilet that was the closest to the gym. Looking in the mirror I turned on the water, filled my hands with ice cold water and splashed it on my face and sighed. With my hands on the sink I looked at the mirror again. “You can do this. It's just James. He didn't do anything it's the pain killers who's talking.” I whispered to myself, with a deep breath and exhale I walk out of the toilet and down the hallway to the gym. When I got back the game had restarted with James on Ely’s team, anxious I looked out on the people running around and cached James looking at me and sent me a smile. It didn't take long before Eric stopped the game and told everyone to go get cleaned up and that next time we had PE we would do yoga. When the guys and girls split their ways to the changing rooms, I collected my stuff and walked out of the gym and down the hallway and sat down on a bench to wait for Ely. “Are you alright? You looked horrified when you saw that new guy, what was his name.. James?” Leah asked when she and a few other girls came out of the locker room and walked over to me, I gave them a small smile and a little nod. “Uh yeah, I was just surprised to see him. James and I had a fling in the start of the summer in Texas where I visited my family and so did he.. At the time he lived in Hawaii and I live here so I didn't think we would see each other again, so yeah I was just really surprised to see him in the gym.” I said followed with a little chuckle and scratched my neck feeling a bit uncomfortable. “Wait you didn't know he moved here?” She asked and I shook my head. “I bet he wanted to surprise you.” She said with a smirk planted on her face, I let out a chuckle. “Uh I don't think so. He was the one who broke it off, besides I think I like another guy.” I said and got up from my seat when I saw Ely walking out of the locker room. “Really? So he's free? No dibs on him?” She sounded surprised and I let out a laugh. “Hah noo, no dibs on him. You can have him.” I smiled at Leah and said bye and walked over to Ely who was trying to get his jacket on. “What was that all about?” He asked confused when we be gang walking to the door. “Nothing really.” I said and gave Ely a smile.
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