Waste The Night-Ashton Irwin

17 year old Mickey Rivera just moved to London,England which is a big change from the small town in the US where she used to live.She just happens to not have told her parents she left.....Then she meets a certain someone that's on the run just like her.


1. 1)Gotta Go

Mickey's POV

I just want to leave.Pack up my stuff and go.Not tell anyone just leave and then nobody can make me stay. Leila left me after all the times I've been there for her! I can't believe it. She left me because her boyfriend didn't like me. She's older than me and is like my big sister and she left because of Derek. I never liked him anyway! I miss her so much I know we are only internet friends and that she lives in London but I still miss her

A/N Hey I'm the Author Mickey! This is a very short chapter BC I'm trying to get some chapters published! I'm still working on some drafts they will be coming soon! Tell me if u guys like it so far in the comments below!!!

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