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McKinley Davis is trying to kick start her career as a book writer. Already working for a writing company at just the age of 22, she is halfway there. But her troubled home from the past somehow breaks her, holding her back from all the dreams she's ever had. Her relationship with her father changing her outlook on all men.
Luke Hemmings, a music producer is just trying to see what the world has to offer. At 22 he's trying to make his music company take off with the help of his friends. Luke had a great childhood and he grew up in a nice home but decided that he was going to live his life his way, not his parents way.
But when McKinley's path crosses with Luke's, will he be able to juggle both a broken girl and a music company. Will McKinley change her mind about all men? Or will she end up just as broken as before.


17. when you're in love




I drove Luke's car home the following day as he was way too hungover to even function correctly. I was angry with him. I had no idea what had gotten into him but there was no reason for him to get drunk the way he did. 

He was relaxing with his feet on the dash and he had sunglasses on. 

"I'm not celebrating your birthday if this is how you're going to be acting on that night." I commented as I pulled off the highway and drove into the city to his apartment. 

"I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled. I rolled my eyes before pulling into his driveway. I got out, grabbing my bag and throwing it into my car before leaving. There was no way I would be stay here with him. 

I had texted Liz letting her know that we were both home safe and sound before turning my phone off. I wasn't going to deal with Luke trying to call and text me. 


On Tuesday, I had gone to Luke's studio to give him his present since I figured that he wouldn't have wanted me to go to his house that night. 

"Hey, Amanda, is Luke here?" 

"Uh, hold on." She said standing and heading to his office. You stood looking around at different pictures of different musical artists while holding his present. 

"He's in a meeting." Amanda said as she came back. 

"Oh, well uh, I brought him a present. Can you give it to him?" I asked. 

"Of course." She smiled as she took the gift from me and set it on the desk. I quickly left, checking my phone to see if I had anything from Luke. I had texted him that morning telling him happy birthday but he didn't respond. We haven't talked since Saturday when he was drunk. I slowly walked to my car before driving to my apartment. I told Courtney I would be working from home. 

When I got home, I had a text from Michael saying that they had canceled Luke's party but I kinda knew that wasn't true. Luke just didn't want me there and that was fine. 

I worked from home all day, waiting to see if Luke would text me and thank me for the birthday present but he didn't. I got nothing from him. I could tell that the end was coming and it was coming a lot quicker than I thought. 

I decided to call Luke's mom, there was nothing else I could think of to do. 

"McKinley? Is everything okay?" She asked into the phone. 

"He won't talk to me." I sighed into the phone. "I'm not even mad anymore I just want him to talk to me. What is going on?"

"You haven't talked to him?" 

"No. I went to his office with his birthday present but he didn't come out to see me." I answered. "What did I do wrong?" 

"Nothing, sweetheart. Try calling him, see if he answers." 

"Okay." I hung up the phone and paced in my living room. I wasn't sure if I should call him. Wouldn't he call me if he wanted to talk? What if I went back to his office? He would have to come out right? I would know that he was ignoring me. I grabbed my keys and headed to his office. 

I marched into the studio and began to march towards his office before Amanda stopped me. 

"Luke is in a meeting." 

"Get out of the way." I said shoving passed her and going to his office. I barged into the room finding him sitting at the desk. He looked alarmed when he saw me and Amanda came in behind me. 

"She wouldn't listen to me." Amanda said as Luke sighed. 

"It's fine, Amanda." I stood with my arms crossed, there was no reason for Luke to be ignoring me. It was all for shits and giggles apparently. "What are you doing here?" He asked as he sat back down looking at me. 

"I'm here to know why you're not talking to me. I came by earlier and you never even bothered to come out and say hi to me." He sighed. "If this is about me being mad at you for getting drunk, I'm over it." 

"No it's not because you were mad at me." He said and I threw my hands up in the air. There was no communication in this relationship. Like at all. 

"What's your deal then?"

"Do you want to get married?" He asked. 

"Someday! Not right now. What does this have to do with anything. I already explained to you what I felt about marriage?" I answered. I was so angry. He was all upset about marriage? Something that most likely wouldn't be happening to either one of us for a while. 

"I just freaked out okay!" He shouted. 

"About what?"

"When Jack proposed I was freaked out that you would think that you would be getting a ring next." He answered. I sighed. 

"Luke." I whined. "I am not expecting a ring. I'm not expecting anything from you. Just because Jack is engaged doesn't mean that we need to be. They've been together for years. We've been together for seven months." 

"I guess." He answered. 

"We need to have more communication between us." I answered and he stayed quiet."Did you open the present I got you?" I asked looking around to see if it was anywhere in sight. 

"I haven't." I looked around and it wasn't even in his office. 

"Well I'll let you be. Happy birthday." I said leaving the office. I knew that there was still a party and I knew that he would still be going but we could celebrate together over the weekend and go to a nice dinner just the two of us. 

Having a boyfriend was hard, I knew it was going to be. I knew the minute we got into a relationship that there were going to be ups and downs I just wish that there weren't any. Sometimes it seemed like he didn't love me at all even though I knew he did. It was just me being insecure. 


I sat at my desk for hours. I wasn't sure if I should have opened the present or not. I wanted nothing more than to make her happy. I held the bag in my hands wondering if I should wait to open it until we were together. 

I went out to my car and stuck it in the front seat before driving home. I would worry about her gift later. 

I knew that the boys were setting up a party for me at my house, we had all decided to take the next day off of work so that we wouldn't be hungover. They insisted on celebrating on my actual birthday. Not that I minded, I could use a day off of work. 

I slowly walked into the house where the music was already blasting and Loki was going crazy. As soon as I walked in I was bombarded with a chorus of 'happy birthday' and hugs from a few people. 

Michael handed me a drink and made me chug it. 

"You better not have drugged that." 

"I didn't." He answered as I looked around at the people at the party. "Who are you looking for?" He questioned. 

"McKinley. Is she not here?" 

"I told her the party was off." Michael answered. "You said you were fighting so I figured I would just tell her it was canceled." 

"She's not stupid, Michael. She clearly knows that there's still a party." I sighed. I wasn't sure why Michael told her that. Eventually me and her would talk it through, we always did. I felt terrible that I spent her birthday with her but she isn't spending my birthday with me. 

I mingled with people before sneaking out the front door and nearly ran to McKinley's apartment. I caught my breath before knocking on her door. I heard shuffling before she answered the door. 

"You're not my pizza's." She answered. 

"No. Just your boyfriend." I answered. "Can I come in?" I asked and she stepped aside allowing me to come into the house. "Listen, I-" 

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at your party?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest. She was wearing a blue tank top and clearly no bra since I could see her nipples. 

"Yes but please know that I'm not the one who told Michael to tell you that the party was canceled. I wanted you there more than anyone else." 

"I know I just..." She sighed leaning against the wall. "Maybe we spend too much time together."

"But I love spending time with you." I answered holding her hand. "I want to spend as much time with you as possible."

"I know but maybe we should just stick to weekends or weekdays, not both. We go out to dinner all the time and sometimes you spend the night and maybe we should stop doing that. We should be able to miss each other." She answered sitting down. 

"It sounds a lot like you're breaking up with me." I said. 

"I'm not. I don't want to break up." She quickly answered. "Unless you do then it's okay. We can break up." I thought about what she said. Of course there was the thought of breaking up. The thought of breaking up and seeing other people. 

"I don't want-" I started before being interrupted by the knocking on the door which I was assuming was the pizza guy. I answered the door and paid him before bringing her pizza's to the kitchen and sitting with her at the table. "I don't want to break up." I commented. "And maybe you're right, we should spend some time away from each other." 

"That's why I didn't go to your party, I figured I would let you have some time with your friends without me being attached to your arm the entire night." I nodded. "You can go back to your party if you want. I'll be okay." 

"Can I have a kiss before I go?" I asked and she stood up, sat in my lap and kissed me. 

"Happy birthday." She whispered before getting up and opening the front door for me. I sighed before getting up and walking out the door. I paused outside her building. I had no idea why I would be going back to that party when the only person I actually wanted at that party, wasn't there. She was in her apartment, eating pizza alone. I walked back into her apartment building and knocked on her door. "Oh my god!" I heard her say before she unlocked the door and flung it open. "Luke?" She asked confused. 

I stepped into the house and kissed her. "I don't want to be anywhere but here with you." I whispered resting my forehead against hers. "I want you and only you." I breathed as she smiled. She quickly closed the door and locked it before pulling me to her bedroom. She pushed me back onto the bed before taking off her clothes. 

"Stay still." She said climbing on top of me. "No touching." She smirked as she ground her bare core into mine. I watched her as her hips moved in time with her moans. I knew that she could feel how hard I was under her. 

"Please." I begged. I needed her to take my clothes off and ride me. 

"Please what?" She questioned, her voice quiet. 

"Please ride me." I moaned taking my shirt off. She licked up my body and kissed me before taking my pants off. She reached into her bedside table for a condom, handing it to me to put on. Once I had it on, she was quick to get on top of me and began bouncing. I rubbed her clit as she held her boobs while bouncing. 

"Luke." She moaned out making me want to flip us over and pound into her but I held back. I thrusted a few times into her but each time I tried it again her hands would hold my hips down. I slapped her ass a few times which she allowed. "I'm gonna-" She began but was cut off by a moan when I began thrusting up into her. Her orgasm came faster than ever before, making me orgasm. 

"God, you're so beautiful." I whispered holding her to my chest. "I love you so much." 


We sat in bed with one of the pizza boxes and fries, watching Netflix. 

"Makeup sex and birthday sex all in the same night." Luke commented all of a sudden making me laugh. Luke meant everything to me. It meant everything to me that even when I told him to go to his own party, he didn't go back. He stayed here with me. 

Him staying here with me showed me that he did in fact love me and that no matter what we were fighting about, he still wanted me just as much as I wanted him. We were a team and there was nothing that was going to stop us from being together. 

I laid watching Luke until nearly 3 in the morning. I watched him watching my face. I watched him throw a hand over my body and gently rub my back. 

"Go to sleep." He would whisper every so often but he always got the same response, 


"Why not?" 

"It's hard to sleep when you're in love."

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