Mr. Book Store

McKinley Davis is trying to kick start her career as a book writer. Already working for a writing company at just the age of 22, she is halfway there. But her troubled home from the past somehow breaks her, holding her back from all the dreams she's ever had. Her relationship with her father changing her outlook on all men.
Luke Hemmings, a music producer is just trying to see what the world has to offer. At 22 he's trying to make his music company take off with the help of his friends. Luke had a great childhood and he grew up in a nice home but decided that he was going to live his life his way, not his parents way.
But when McKinley's path crosses with Luke's, will he be able to juggle both a broken girl and a music company. Will McKinley change her mind about all men? Or will she end up just as broken as before.


4. I feel protected here





"Kin!" I shouted through her apartment. I knew that she was probably in the bathroom or something. 

"In here!" She shouted and I walked down the hallway and opened the door that I heard her voice come from. She was laying in bed still. "Hi." She smiled at me. 

"Hello, what are you up to?" It had been a week since that Christmas Party and we've talked non stop and now I just wanted to chill but she said she didn't want to leave her bed so I brought her pizza and fries. 

"I don't feel good." She answered pouting at me. 

"Awe, what's wrong?" I questioned setting the pizza box down on the bed and walking over to her side of the bed, resting my hand on her forehead. 

"My throat hurts." She pouted. 

"Yeah, you're hot too." 

"Why thank you!" She said giving me flirty eyes making me laugh. 

"Do you have medicine or do you want me to run to the store and get some?" She shook her head. 

"In my bathroom, there's medication. Under the cabinet." I nodded before heading out of the room and into the bathroom. I opened the cabinet underneath the sink and pulled out the box that was in there. A tampon came flying out scaring the crap out of me. I shivered before putting it back and grabbing the medication that she described to me. "What was that yell that I heard?" She questioned as I handed her two of the pulls and a glass of water. 

"Uh, nothing." I said laying in the bed next to her. She laughed a little probably figuring out what I yelled at. "Anyway, my moms birthday is next week and my brother's are throwing her a party. Would you like to go with me?" I asked her. 

"Can I have some more details? Where is it?" 

"It's in their hometown, which is about four hours away from here. So we could stay there, get a hotel. It's just a dinner with her friends and family." I said to her and she looked at me. "They live in Newport." I clarified for her. 

"And you're sure you want me there?" 

"Yes, of course." I said kissing her forehead. "I want you everywhere." I answered her pulling a piece of pizza out of the box. "Would you like a piece?" I asked helping her sit up and getting the pillows comfortable behind her. We had only been seeing each other for two weeks and I hadn't officially asked her to be my girlfriend yet and Ashton was pushing for it but I had decided to wait until we got to know each other before asking her out. 

"What do you want to watch?" She questioned pulling up Netflix onto the T.V. 

"Anything." I answered opening the fries. This women changed the way I ate. 

"Luke?" She said and I turned to her. 


"Will you stay with me tonight?" She asked and I nodded. "Thanks." She said resting her head on my shoulder. "How was your day?" 

"Good. I got worried when you said you weren't going to work." 

"I'm sorry." She said looking at me. "I missed going out to lunch with you." She said. 

"Yeah but we can have dinner tonight and we can cuddle all night." I said to her looking over at her and she closed her eyes. 

"You're staring." She said smiling. I hadn't noticed. 

"I know." I whispered to her and she giggled. The giggle that I loved so much. 

The following Saturday I picked McKinley up pretty early in the morning, which she wasn't very thrilled with but I did it anyway. 

"You told Courtney you were coming with me?" She nodded as she laid her head against the back of the chair and closed her eyes. I turned the radio on low to keep myself awake while she slept. About two hours into the drive we stopped for some coffee at Dunkin Donuts along with some breakfast sandwiches before we got back on the road. 

She eventually stayed awake with me playing music off her phone and having me guess what song they were. 

"Babe, I'm a music producer, you think I haven't heard these songs?" I asked looking at her smiling a little as she glared at me. 

"Anyway, what's your family like? Are they going to like me?" She questioned. 

"They'll love you. They always wanted me with a smart girl." I said and she nodded at me. "And you're so pretty. My mom might just look at you the whole time." I said laughing and she joined me. 

"You only have brother's right? Am I going to be the only girl at this dinner?" 

"No. My brother has a girlfriend, Celeste. She's really nice. You'll love her." I said and she smiled. "But we're having this dinner and then the next day me and you are going on a date." I said to her. 

"Where are we going?" She questioned. 

"I'm not telling." She sighed. "What are you doing for Christmas?" 

"I usually go to Courtney's but she's going to Nick's parents house this year." She answered as she checked something on her phone. "Sam invited me to his house." She laughed. 

"That guy freaks me out." 

"Oh really?" She asked, her voice filled with sarcasm. "He scares the crap out of me! He's like always around! The night that you slept over, her knew and asked me about it." 

"He did?" She nodded looking at me. 

"It's getting really scary." 

"I came over the other day to bring you medication when you were home from work and I saw him and he just glared at me and his hands were balled into fists. I thought he was going to fight me." She laughed a little. "Can you please be careful around him?" 

"Of course I will. Or at least I'll try. He scared me a little." 

"I don't like that." I said looking at her. 

"And you think I do?" 


Talking with Luke in the car about Sam, scared the crap out of me and when I had a breakdown and cried that I felt like he was stalking me, Luke freaked out. And not because I was freaking out. Because he wanted to call the cops on Sam. 

"McKinley, we're going to meet my parents now, are you okay?" I nodded my head as I made sure my makeup looked fine before getting out of the car. 

"Luke!" Who I assume was his mom shouted as she came out of the house wrapping him in a hug. "And who is this pretty lady?" She asked me and I automatically smiled. 

"This is McKinley Davis, she's a uh, friend of mine." Luke said and his mom smiled. 

"It's very nice to meet you, McKinley Davis, I'm Liz, Luke's mom." She said smiling, wrapping me in a hug. 

"It's nice to meet you." I smiled watching Luke greet the rest of his family. 

"Kin, this is my dad, Andy and my brother's Ben and Jack." Luke said. 

"Hi." I smiled at each of them. "And where's this Celeste that I heard about? I need someone to talk to about you." I said smirking at Luke and he laughed a little. 

"She's on her way." Jack answered and I nodded. "Did you grow up in New York?" I shook my head. 

"Boston." I answered and he nodded. 

"I was going to say, your accent was different than a New York accent." I nodded. 

"I lived there until I was like 19 and then I got this job at a writing company in New York and I packed up my stuff and was out." 

"You don't seem like a city girl." 

"I'm not," I answered laughing. "I hate New York." I had always told myself when I was younger that I would never go to New York unless it was for a writing thing and then all of a sudden I was able to get this job being a writer and I found myself in an apartment in New York. 

"Why do you live there then?" Ben asked as we walked into the house. 

"I told myself that the only reason I would go to New York is if it was for a writing thing and I got the job to be a writer and I found myself in a tiny apartment to be a writer." 

"So you went against what you said so you could live out your dream?" I nodded. "I can't tell if you're smart or not." 

"I am, trust me." I said nodding, Luke laughed behind me. 

"It's true." He said. 

Me and Luke were with his family for a few hours and after meeting Jack's girlfriend, Celeste, Luke took me out shopping. 

"Let's get food." I said pulling him into a random place. "Luke! They have curly fries!" I said and he laughed. 

"What else do you want? You can't just have curly fries." 

"Uh, a meatball sub with cheese." I said and he nodded before going over to order while I sat down. 

"You got five bucks?" He asked and I pulled out my purse handing him the money before he ran back and paid for it. "I wasn't expecting it to be that much. I'll pay you back." 

"No, don't worry about it." I said shaking my head sipping on the soda that he placed in front of me. 

"You're sure?" 

"You're not suppose to pay for everything." 

"Yes I am." I looked at him confused. 

"What? No. Is that how dating works?" He laughed before nodding. "That's bull crap. If we go to the movies I'll pay for the food and you pay for the tickets. That's so much money. Do girls really expect the guy to pay for it all?" 

"They do." He said as our number was called and he got up to get the food. "And I agree that the money should be split when you go on a date to the movies." 

"This is why I don't date." 

"Not even me?" 

"You don't count." I smirked at him. 

"I don't?" I shook my head. "So you see me as a boyfriend." I nodded. "Can I be your boyfriend?" 

"I just figured you were." I shrugged. He looked at me, his eyebrows raised looking at me not saying a word. "What?" 

"You said you didn't want to date and you just assumed that we were dating?" I nodded. 

"You bought me a book, remember Mr. Book Store?" 

"I remember." He laughed. 

"I knew that I wanted to see where this would go and so far it's good." I shrugged as we ate. "You came into my life and changed my view on a lot of things and I'm not sure if I should be thankful or not." 

"Well, you changed the way I ate." He answered and I laughed. He often tried to lighten the mood when things got too heavy and I think I loved it. 

"Did I? How did I do that?" 

"Well for started, now whenever me and my friends order pizza, I make them order fries with it." He said and I threw my head back laughing. "And I usually just play a girl and then leave her but you, you're different." 

"So you have sex with girls and then leave them?" I questioned and he nodded. "Yeah but some girls don't want to be tied down either so I don't see a problem with that." I answered sipping on a drink. "Why is whore even an insult? Like you get the dick girl, you rock." I said and he laughed. 

"You're so strange." He said and I nodded. 

"You're telling me you haven't done that?" 

"Done what?" 

"Slept with someone for fun and then left them." I said clarify the conversation we were having. 

"Oh no, I have, I just figured you wouldn't." He said shrugging. 

"I was a little slutty in high school." He laughed more. "I rebelled against my father for a little." 

"Did any of those guys change your mind about dating?" 

"Nope. I knew I didn't want to date any of them." I answered. "I wanted the one thing that my father always said I couldn't have, and I got it." I smirked him watching me the whole time and nodding. 

"You are strange." He said and I laughed. 

"You can run if you want." 

"No no. I want to stay. Are you clean?" He asked and I nodded. 

"I got checked every few weeks." I answered. "You have nothing to worry about." I answered and he nodded his head. 

"I'm clean too." 

"I wasn't worried." I commented. "You wouldn't have asked me if I was clean if you weren't." I said. 

"It's still good to know." 

After lunch we finished our shopping before heading back to his parents house. We talked with his moms friends for a while before we headed out for dinner, Luke's present in hand that he put my name on which I told him not to do but he did anyway. 

"Thank you Luke and McKinley." We smiled at her. 

"You're welcome." We both said looking at each other. Meeting Luke's family for the first time seemed weird since we've only been talking for a little less than a month and now that we're officially dating we can do more things as a couple. 

That night me and Luke checked into our hotel and both showered before getting into bed together. 

"Did you have fun today?" I nodded as I played on my phone checking in with Courtney. "I have a question, and don't worry, it's nothing bad." 

"Okay." I said looking at him. 

"Would you like to go to Christmas at my house since you have no where else to go." I smiled at him. 

"You're serious?" He nodded his head. Christmas was in a little less than two weeks away and I was debating if I should head home to my parents and now that I had somewhere to go, I didn't have to. 

"I'm so serious." He said smiling at me. 

"Yes! I would love to!" Luke's family invited anyone into their home and they acted as if they were family even if they were a stranger. They made me feel more loved in two hours than my parents did in 19 years of my life. 

"Good." He smiled. "I'm glad." I cuddled into his side, shutting off the lights and kissing him on the lips. "Good night, Babe." 

"Good night." I whispered. I felt protected here.

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