Mr. Book Store

McKinley Davis is trying to kick start her career as a book writer. Already working for a writing company at just the age of 22, she is halfway there. But her troubled home from the past somehow breaks her, holding her back from all the dreams she's ever had. Her relationship with her father changing her outlook on all men.
Luke Hemmings, a music producer is just trying to see what the world has to offer. At 22 he's trying to make his music company take off with the help of his friends. Luke had a great childhood and he grew up in a nice home but decided that he was going to live his life his way, not his parents way.
But when McKinley's path crosses with Luke's, will he be able to juggle both a broken girl and a music company. Will McKinley change her mind about all men? Or will she end up just as broken as before.


11. how did we end up here?




We had decided to skip the breakfast this morning so me and Luke had more time together as the wedding was in a few hours and we would be with people all day. We would be here for another two days so tomorrow, when we were hungover we wouldn't have to worry about getting a plane when we were both exhausted. 

I was laying in bed reading a book when Luke came over and kissed my lips. He had just showered and threw on a pair of boxers. He hovered over me as he kissed me and I giggled. 

"Luke, I'm trying to read." I laughed pushing his face away from me. 

"But I need attention." He said and I laughed as we laid in bed. 

 I giggled as I looked at him. I could see myself spending the rest of my life with Luke. I was so in love with him and I couldn't imagine ever living without him. I wanted the world for him. I never want him to be sad. I want him to love his life and I want him to have fun and I want him to go far with his music. I wanted him to always have enough and to always have what he wanted. 

I rolled on top of him and rested my chin on his chest looking at him. He smiled at me. 

"I don't want to be anywhere else. I could just stay here with you the whole day. Everyday, for the rest of my life." He said which made me smile even wider than I already was. "I know we haven't been dating for that long but I really do like you and I cannot wait for the warm weather to come so I can really show you off." He said making me laugh. 

"I never knew this is what was going to happen when we started dating. Going to weddings together and meeting each other families. I just figured we would have sex and move on from each other." 

"There was something about you that didn't let that happen." I smiled at him kissing his lips holding his face in my hand. I so badly wanted to say those three words but I was afraid of what he would say back. We laid in bed for as long as we could before we were forced out of bed to get ready for the wedding. I sat on the floor doing my makeup while watching Luke get into his dress pants and a white button down shirt. I had decided on a purple dress and Luke decided on a purple tie to match my dress. 

"I want to take pictures before we go." I said as I finished curling my hair and stood up, unplugging the curling iron. 

"I figured." He answered standing next to me while I took the picture. "You look beautiful." He smiled kissing me. 

"Not too bad yourself handsome." I said as I grabbed my little purse that matched my dress and grabbed his hand. 

"Are we ready to sit through this boring ass wedding?" I nodded my head laughing as we let the door close behind us and we walked down to the ceremony, hand in hand. 


We danced and danced and danced until I was almost sure that my feet were going to fall off. Every slow song that came on, Luke made me dance. Now I can't dance for my life. I was always falling down or tripping over my own two feet but Luke, Luke was graceful. He glided around the dance floor which was strange for his very long and lanky legs. 

I giggled as he danced around me, sometimes throwing his hands in the air when the beat dropped. I was feeling dizzy from dancing and sweating. 

"I'm gonna go get a drink!" I shouted over the music to him and he nodded kissing me before going back to dancing. I laughed as I walked over to the bar and asked for a water. I hadn't seen much of Courtney and Nick tonight. I looked around to try and find them but all I could find was some girl grinding all over Luke, and he seemed to be loving it. 

I tried not to get angry, but I was. Luke was mine and no one was suppose to be grinding all over him. The only person who should have been grinding on him was me. I glared at the girl as I moved to a spot where Luke would be able to spot me. As his eyes met mine, I stomped away up to our room. 

"McKinley! It's not what it looks like." Luke called me from behind me as tears threatened to slip over my eyes. 

"Then explain to me what that was cause it looked like she was grinding all over you and you loved it!" I nearly shouted at him but kept my voice low for the people who were sleeping in the hotel. 

"McKinley, we were just dancing. It meant nothing. I love you, not her. I don't even know her name." I was shocked by what he said. He said he loved me. He could tell that whatever he said affected me. "What? What did I say? That sounded good in my head." He panicked. 

"You said you loved me." I said looking at him. 

"Oh, well, yeah of course I love you." He looked back at me. "You're the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I want to be with you for as long as possible." I smiled at him and he seemed shocked that I was all of a sudden happy and not mad at him for what he did. 

"I love you too." I answered and the smile on his face could solve world hunger, if it was that easy of course. I had never in my life told a boy that I had loved him. In fact I don't think I've ever been in love in my entire life, but here came Lucas Hemmings, to change my mind. 


I watched McKinley's bare chest rose and fell. I sat on the balcony smoking, like I usually did after we have sex. She had the duvet lightly thrown over her naked body but I could still see her chest. She looked beautiful. I smiled as I put out the cigarette and joined her in bed. She breathed out deeply before she rolled over and rested her head on my chest. 

I still couldn't believe that I had said I loved her. I mean I know I love her but I was never expecting the words to come out of my mouth. I knew that she had never been in a relationship and we were only about five months into our relationship. I didn't want to scare her off. 

"I'm hungry." She mumbled making me laugh. 

"I have some left over cake." I answered rubbing her back lightly with the tips of my fingers. 

"I want real food." 

"It's 5 in the morning." I said and she groaned. "I'm sorry." 

"I guess I'll have some cake." She said sitting up and taking the blanket with her so my naked body was exposed. She kept the blanket wrapped around herself as she stood at the fridge eating the cake. 

"Kin, it's freezing over here." 

"Well put some clothes on you whore." She said making me laugh. I had found that I needed to be with someone who could make me laugh. Someone who you could stay up until 5 am with and not be angry because they keep asking you stupid questions. 

"Do you think penguins have feelings?" I asked her and she shrugged. 

"I would think. They like fall and love and have babies and such." She said as se slid on a pair of panties and grabbed one of my shirts. 

"Do you know it takes giraffes a half an hour to throw up cause their necks are so long?" She giggled. 

"It's raining cold hard facts up in here." She said as she laid beside me. "What are your favorite animals?" She asked. 

"Penguins." I answered looking at the ceiling. "You?" 

"Elephants." She said glancing at me. "Since I was little." 

"Yeah same." I answered smiling. I wanted to be with Mckinley for as long as I possibly could. I never wanted to be without her and watching Courtney and Nick get married, I got to see a little glimpse into my future. I would love to marry McKinley some day. I would love to have children with her and wake up next to her every single day of life. But for now, I can deal with the late night calls when we're away from each other. 

"What do you think dogs think about?" She asked and it was my turn to shrug. 

"Think they talk about politics with each other?" I asked and she laughed. 

"No. I don't think they understand that stuff." She said. "But like, they see the world differently than we do. Like they see a tree and then get really excited but us, we just see a tree and think oh that keeps me alive, but dogs, dogs have no idea." I know I shouldn't have laughed but I did. It was funny listening to her talk because she was so passionate about some things and this just made the day seem ten times better. "I'm serious." 

"I know babe." She smiled at me. I pulled her close to my body to kiss her. "Tell me more about your childhood." I said. 

"What more do you want to know?" She asked. I knew about most of it. 

"Did you play any sports?" 

"Yeah, played baseball when I was like 5. But we moved so I stopped playing but then I started playing softball in fourth grade. I was pretty good. Making any team I tried out for. Then I got to high school and as a freshman all I wanted was to get a scholarship for softball but that went to shit when I got depression. But I found a love for writing and I was a much better writer than I was a softball player." She said and I listened closely to every word she said. "Did you play any sports?" 

"No." I laughed. "I've always been into music. Was never into sports." I said and she nodded. "When did you get into writing? And how?" 

"I have no idea how. I think that's when I started getting really into books and thought that I could do it and I tried and people seemed to enjoy it so..." She trailed off. "Are you still listening?" I nodded even though my eyes were closed. 

"I'm listening." I answered. It was hard to keep my eyes open and for as much as I wanted to continue talking with McKinley, I could help the falling of my eyes and the drooping of my mouth. 

"Luke?" She asked and I hummed in response. "Are you sleeping?" She asked and I nodded. 

"Shhhhh." I said placing my finger over her mouth as she giggled. I knew that she was going to be cranky if she didn't sleep so I began rubbing her back singing to her hoping and praying that she would become as tried as I was, and she would fall asleep. 

The next morning, well afternoon, we both got up and got dressed and headed to get some food. We would be leaving around noon tomorrow so we had today to relax. We had planned to go out to eat and then go to the pool to relax and swim. We were both quiet as we ate, exhaustion taking over our bodies. 

After we ate our meal, we headed back to our room to get on our swimming suits and watching her get into hers was the greatest thing ever. There were many things crossing in the back and she was clearly struggling as she turned to me and her right boob was hanging out the bottom of the top. 

"I need help." She said and I laughed helping her get it to the right spot. 

"You look beautiful."  I smiled at her and she blushed. 

"Thank you." And the day went on. 


After having a nice weekend, we were finally in the comfort of my apartment but Luke was getting on my last nerves. This is the longest we have ever spent together, stuck together in a hotel room and I swear to god I was going to knock him out. 

"Honey, I love you, but please shut up." I said to him running my hands through my dry hair. 

"McKinley, you shut up. I didn't even say anything." He said. 

"I swear to god you said something." I said going to the bedroom where I heard him talking and he wasn't in there. "Luke?" I called out. 

"Yeah?" I heard from the living room. I quickly ran to him. 

"I think someone is in my bedroom." I whispered panicked. 

"What?" He quickly got up, grabbing a lamp because that was going to save him if an intruder tried to kill him. He went to the bedroom and I followed behind him. Sam was standing in the corner with a knife. "Tinley, call 911." Luke said and I quickly ran to my phone to call 911. 

I quickly told them what was going and they made it to the apartment in no time. At this point I was hysterical. I had no idea what was going on with Luke and Sam and if Luke was okay. I heard them fighting, I heard things breaking as I let the police in. I heard more fighting as one of the cops tried to calm me down before Sam came out of the bedroom, with blood on his hands. 

"Luke!" I shrieked trying to run to the bedroom but the police stopped me. 

"Ma'am we need you to stay calm. He's going to be okay, he sliced his hand when he knocked the knife out of the other guys hand. They're wrapping it right now. We want you to drive him to the hospital and we will take your statements there." I nodded my head. "In the mean time we're going to take fingerprints here." 

As if we couldn't catch a break, I tripped and fell in the parking lot.

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