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McKinley Davis is trying to kick start her career as a book writer. Already working for a writing company at just the age of 22, she is halfway there. But her troubled home from the past somehow breaks her, holding her back from all the dreams she's ever had. Her relationship with her father changing her outlook on all men.
Luke Hemmings, a music producer is just trying to see what the world has to offer. At 22 he's trying to make his music company take off with the help of his friends. Luke had a great childhood and he grew up in a nice home but decided that he was going to live his life his way, not his parents way.
But when McKinley's path crosses with Luke's, will he be able to juggle both a broken girl and a music company. Will McKinley change her mind about all men? Or will she end up just as broken as before.


15. his life, her life




I was editing some stuff for work while Luke took a shower. We had planned to have a nice calm day together and maybe get some dinner later tonight. I was going to convince him to get it to go so we could come home and eat it in bed. I knew he would say yes I just had to give him something in return. He loved to eat out, I loved to eat in. 

Luke's voice floated through the apartment while he sang and it was a beautiful sound to listen to, but the pounding on the door ruined the moment. I sighed as I got up and went to the door. I hesitated to open it. The pounding sounded as if someone was going to shoot me when I answered the door. I opened the door to find my mother.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" I asked as she shoved past me and entered the apartment. 

"I'm divorcing your father." She answered as she spun around looking at me. I was a little shocked because 1) she drove all the way from Massachusetts to tell me and 2) I never expected her to divorce him. 

"What?" I asked shaking my head. I was more than confused. 

"Yup. Found him cheating. Sleeping with some 20 something year old hooker!" She shouted and I placed my pointing finger and thumb against my nose. 

"Please don't shout. Other people live in this apartment building." I told her. I didn't need the neighbors complaining. 

"I'm sorry." She said sighing and sitting down. "Who else is here?" She questioned clearly hearing Luke singing. 

"My boyfriend, Luke." I went to the kitchen to get us both a cup of coffee. 

"You're still together?" I nodded. "How long?" 

"7 months." I didn't think that we would be together for this long. I figured that we would have sex a few times, get bored with each other, and leave. But for some reason I had fallen in love with him and I would gladly stay with him for the rest of my life. "We're enjoying life right now." I added and it was true. Yes we got into fights, but what couple doesn't? 

"So its going good?" I nodded smiling. 

"I should go warn him that you're here so he doesn't come out here naked." I said standing up and placing my cup down. I rushed to the bedroom closing the door behind me turning to find Luke with a towel around his waist and another thrown over his shoulder. He was humming and looking through the pile of clothes that he kept in my dresser. "My mom is here." I said and he looked at him. 


"My mom. She's here. Apparently she's divorcing my father." I sat on the bed watching him get dressed. 


"He's cheating on her." I never understood why people cheated. There was no point in it. If you weren't happy in your relationship, just leave.

"Are you okay?" He asked. It wasn't like I was going to be affected by this. I wasn't really close with either of my parents and it's not like I'm living at home where they're going to be arguing and trying to get me to pick a side. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." He gave a look saying that he wasn't convinced. "Listen, I rarely see my parents and when I do, there is always some type of drama surrounding it. I don't really have a relationship with my father. He was mean to me growing up. He did some screwed up stuff. I really don't care. I just don't want my mother to be homeless." My father did some things that I would never be able to forgive him for. 

"Well maybe we should go make sure that she's okay." I nodded as I left the room. I was worried about where my mother was going to live. I couldn't offer for her to stay here, there wasn't enough room. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment. She also couldn't afford to live on her. I would help her out if I could but I don't make enough money to rent out two apartments in the city. When I voiced my concern, she seemed to have it all figured out. 

"Oh honey, don't be worried. I'm going to live with my sister. She said that I could live in one of the spare bedrooms for free as long as I did the cooking and cleaning. It's too good of a deal to pass up. I'm going to be fine." I nodded. No one wanted to see their mother hurting or struggling. 

"How do you know he's cheating?" I asked. She seemed like she needed to get it off her chest. 

"I came home from work one day, found him asleep naked with her next to him. He has done so many things. He's going through a midlife crisis or something." My dad would be turning 53 this year, he was known to do crazy things like this when he was my age, but right now, when he's married with three kids, isn't the time. I felt terrible for my mom. We had all moved out of the house. I was first to go, next my younger brother, then my older brother. I never wanted to leave my mom alone with that man. 

After she had gotten everything off her chest, me and Luke had decided to take her out for a day of fun in her favorite city. She loved Time Square. She loved watching the people walk by and she loved the lights. She loved that fact that there was always something going on. We took her to all of our places before we made a stop to eat dinner. 

She offered to pay for our meals claiming that she was still using my father's credit card since he hadn't been served the divorce papers yet. We stood at her car saying goodbye. I wished her luck with the divorce and she wished me luck with Luke. I was sad to see her go. I wasn't sure when I was going to see her next. 

Luke held my hand as we watched her car disappear down the street and for some reason, I felt good about where we were leaving each other. 


After McKinley's mom left, we had both decided that we didn't really want to stay in the house so we got dressed and decided to head to the club. She wore a tight black dress that left nothing to the imagination and I was turned on before we even left the apartment. 

She had asked to take my car but I refused. I knew that we would both be drinking and I didn't feel like spending money on a cab, so we walked. And yes, she complained the whole time but I just let her as I held her hand. 

Once we got to the club, we showed our I.D's and went inside, going straight to the bar. We each ordered a few drinks, going to find a table to drink them at. As soon as we were done, she pulled me over to dance. Neither one of us ever really liked to dance, but she liked to get me going. She swayed her hips to the music, doing wonders for my dick. I held her hips watching her. She reached a hand up to run through my hair and leaving her hand at the back of my neck. 

I kissed her neck, just barely being able to hear her groan while I did. I reached my hand between her legs, using my fingers to find out that she wasn't wearing any panties and she was just as turned on as I was. Her wetness was basically dripping down her legs. I pulled my hand back, sucking on my fingers, tasting her. I pulled her over to the bar, getting one last drink before we headed home. 

She was a little tipsy as we walked. She giggled the entire walk home. She kept running her hands up my arm, over my chest, and down towards my dick but always stopping just before my bulge. She was a tease and she knew exactly what she was doing to me. 

She plugged the code into the door of her apartment building before pulling me over to the elevator where she shoved me against the wall and kissed me. She tasted amazing. She always did. Once the elevator binged for her floor, we both got out and nearly ran for her apartment. We both knew what was coming. 

She tried to unlock the door to her apartment but because she was tipsy and laughing, it was a struggle and took her a few tries but she eventually got the door open. We both kicked our shoes off at the door. She began to walk towards the bedroom but I pulled her by her wrist into me. I kissed her on the lips a few times before moving to her neck while also pulling the zipper down on her dress. 

She turned around and continued her walk to the bedroom while letting the dress fall to the floor in the hallway. She was was almost naked when we reached the bedroom and I took my shirt off along with my pants. I threw her onto the bed kissing her lips and sucking on her lip. I moved to her neck, making sure to not leave any marks incase her boss saw. I then moved to her boobs that were still covered with a lace bra but I left it on, it made her tits look amazing. I was grinding into her the entire time, driving her crazy.

"Do something." She whines making me smirk as I dipped my head in between her legs, sucking on her clit. She moaned gripping my hair with one hand and the sheets with the other. I slowly licked up her folds, as she pulled on my hair. I added two fingers only to get another rise out of her and she gripped my hair even tighter. I continued to suck on her clit knowing it drove her crazy. "I'm gonna cum!" She cried out making me stop my actions and pull away from her. "Lucas!" She whined as I got up smirking and going to her bedside table to get a condom. 

"Patience, Baby." I smirked watching as she touched herself. I knew I was driving her crazy. I tore the condom open and quickly got it on before going over to her and swatting her fingers away. She was just waiting for me to do something. I slowly thrust into her, waiting for her to relax into me and stretch around me. I began thrusting fast as she scratched down my back making me groans as she moaned. 

"Luke." She moaned throwing her head back. She took her hands off me and gripped onto the sheets making it easier for me to lean back and spread her legs farther apart so I was able to see everything that was happening. I could tell that her orgasm was approaching as she clenched around me. 

"Fuck baby you feel so good." I moaned while putting her legs on my shoulders and pushing forward, hitting spots inside of her that I knew felt good. As she reached her orgasm, her mouth hung open, her eyes moved to the back of her head, and nothing came out of her mouth. At first it scared me. I knew that she what she was feeling was complete pleasure but this had never happened to me before with a girl. I came as she clenched around me. I pulled out and let her legs down, waiting for her to come back to me. 

"Holy shit." She breathed out. "That was the best sex we have ever had." I agreed nodding my head. I took the condom off, tying it and throwing it away. 

I went to get us both some water and a few snacks. I grabbed her laptop asking her the password for her Netflix account. 

"It should already be logged in." She answered while putting on my shirt and a fresh pair of panties. She grabbed my boxers and handed them to me. I figured that there might have been another round in the near future. 

"I thought we were going to sleep naked?" I questioned. 

"We can. I just thought that we might go make food and I don't want you to get anything on your penis if we do." I laughed. 

"Oh, God. I love you." I said kissing her and I could feel her smile against my lips. 

"I love you too." And in that moment I knew. I knew that I wanted to spend as long as I could with her. Her, me, together. 


Work that following Monday was a struggle. Luke had spread my legs a little too far while having sex and I had pulled a muscle in my groin area making me limp while I walked. I walked into the office at work and all eyes were on me as I limped passed Courtney office's trying to get to my own but she called my name before I made it. 

"Why are you limping?" She asked as soon as I entered the room and I quickly closed the door. 

"I sprained a muscle near my groin." She smirked. 

"Doing what?" She asked. 

"Having sex." I answered. I wasn't afraid to tell Courtney anything. She was the prude. She waiting nearly a year to have sex with Nick. 

"How's it going with him?" She asked and I smiled. 

"It's going good." I smiled wider. "I'm excited to see where we're going." I wasn't expecting anything from Luke. He made me happy. And thats all I could ask for. 

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