We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


10. Worried.

     Leigh-Anne watched Jade run off. She could hear the small girl sobbing on the second floor. She looked at the other girls. Perrie and Jesy had the same look Leigh-Anne did. They knew going after Jade would be no use. Jade was the type of person that just needed to think alone. 

     "Poor baba..." Perrie sighed, making herself comfortable on the couch. 

     "Let her think it about. That's usually how she sorts it out." Jesy flipped through the channels on the Tv. Leigh-Anne leaned against the arm rest.

     "We still need to check on her. She is pretty sick." Leigh-Anne wasn't really focused on Jade being sick. She was worried the small, fragile girl would over think this, leading to some bad decisions.

      "We'll check in her before we go to bed, but like I said before, I think she needs to be alone right now." Leigh-Anne- nodded, sending a small glance over to the stairs that led up to the second floor of the Coach Bus. 


     Jade stared up at the low ceiling that covered her bed, she coughed, groaning. Her headache had become worse. She rested her head on her tear soaked pillow. She paused, hearing footsteps coming up the stairs. She did not feel like confronting the girls right now. The footsteps became louder. She closed her eyes, steadying her breathing so she looked like she was asleep. 

 She heard the curtain being pulled way gently. Her heart pounded, she tried hard not to move. 

     "Baba?" Perrie rubbed her arm. She felt someone put a hand on her forehead. 

     "She still has a high fever, I think we should take the day off tomorrow. Or, at least Jade should." Jesy rubbed her forehead with thumb, making her headache go away a bit. She slowly started drifting into sleep, mumbling something that was not understandable.

(Okay shorter chapter guys, oh my gosh I'm so sorry I haven't updated, I just, jshdfkhkdshfk. anyways I'm going to update as much as I can but I have school and stuff so its not gonna be every night. Sorry guys for not updating for so long!-Fluff)



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