We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


2. Where.



(Sorry if there are repeats in sentences iPad is not cooperating) 

      Jade walked a fair distance away form the place they were performing at. She finally found a good spot behind a tree at a park a few blocks away. She sat, pulling her hood around her head tightly, her bare legs felt numb as frost sprinkled down on them.

      She brought her legs up to her chest, taking her phone out of her pocket. She completely ignored the time and went right into the messages her friend had sent to her. Her friend had caught her once boyfriend with another girl, she even got a video of them. Now, Jade was totally fine with her Boyfriend having friends that are girls, but in the video, they seemed a whole lot more then friends.

     She played the video, her eyes welling up with more tears

      "Trinity, listen, Jade means nothing to me, I'm just using her to get my music career going..." Jades boyfriend could be seen talking to a tall red head behind a small Café.

     "Ok..." The red head then leaned in and pecked him on the cheek. And the the video ended.

     Jade watched the video again and again and again. Until a message form Jesy broke up her thoughts.  

     Jade, where are you?! 

     Jade was confused at first, it had only been 20 minutes, right? She checked the time.                              7:53. She threw her head back in frustration, hitting it on the on the trees trunk. She winced, rubbing the back of her head.                                                                                                                                   



     Her phone buzzed again.

     Jade! This isn't funny...

     Jades thumbs hovered over her keyboard, a knot forming in her stomach. She began to type.

     I don't think I'm going to make it tonight Jessica...                                                                                                              

     Her phone buzzed again.







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