We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


6. Tears.

     Jade covered her mouth quickly. Why? Why does she always do that? She was for sure she sang that in her head. She could hear hustled footsteps coming closer and closer to where she was sitting. A small sob escaped from her mouth. Tears sliding down her cheeks.

     Her legs began to shiver, out of her control. She was absolutely freezing. She closed her eyes, her arms began to shiver as well.

     Then she felt someone pull her into their arms. She instantly wrapped her arms around the person, letting their warmth circulate through her numb body.

      "Hey BaBa..." Perries' voice calmed Jade, she rested her head against Perries shoulder. 

      "Oh my gosh Jade, you have almost nothing on..." Jesy took off her puffy coat, wrapping it around Jade's pale body. 

The new warmth made Jade strangely sleepy. Her eyes fluttered open just to see Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne looking down at her as snow covered their faces. Then her mind whisked her away to a wonderful world where everything was right.

(Authors note: Sorry for the short chapters XD it's late. Also do you guys like this? Idk if I should continue it or not.)






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