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Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


7. Sleep.



     (Okay so yeah deciding to go on with this, I don't know if this will be a short or be a long story but expect longer chapters now because I was just messing around when I wrote this, but now I actually really like this story so yeah XD btw I'm listening to Little Mix while writing this-random and probably obvious fact from Fluff.) 

     Jade awoke. But not truly, she awoke on Perries couch, with Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy sitting next to her. Jade knew she was dreaming, but yet, she could control it. 

     "Sleeping Beauty finally woke up." Jesy chuckled. Jade laughed along with her, looking up at the Tv. They seemed to be watching Star Wars, which is strange. None of the girls really like This type of stuff. Jade heard the doorbell ring, she looked towards the door. 

     "Did we invite anyone over?" Jade questioned, making herself more comfortable on the couch.

     "Oh, did I not tell you? The Cuties are coming over." Jesy pushed herself off the couch. (And if you haven't read my other book The Cuties are 12 year olds that can dance really good and they went on tour with LM, I know it sounds weird and dumb but read my other book it's a lot better than this brief explanation that I barfed out XD) 

     Jesy made her way over to the door, unlocking it and opening it. Jade neared a bundle of voices as the greeted each other. Jade wasn't sure who these "Cuties" we're, but they sounded like they had been friends with the girls all their life. the "Cuties" then filed in. The first one was tall, had stick straight brown hair that lay around her shoulders. She had on a soft pink onesie on. She sat right next to the spot where Jesy was sitting. Another followed after, she was about 5'0, Had her long straight hair in a braid, and instantly went over to Perrie. 

    "Jace! Don't eat all the popcorn!" Jesy scolded the girl in the pink onesie shoveling down handfuls at a time. Jace. What a beautiful name. Perrie gave the girl who over to her a warm hug. Another girl headed in after Perries girl. She had a lighter shade of brown hair, and was about the same height as Perries Girl. She went right over to Leigh-Anne, sitting next to her. 

    Everyone seemed to have their own girl. Jade wondered if she had one. Jesy closed the door, and the last girl walked in. She was the smallest out of all of them, barely reaching 4'8. She was wearing a cute little fox onesie with her dark brown hair in a bun with a headband. She had chubby cheeks which parted away when she smiled. She was pretty much the cutest twelve year old Jades seen. The small girl ran over to Jade, jumping up to take a seat on the top of the couch right above Jades head.

    "What's up Disney?" The girls voice was a lot lower than Jade had expected. It took her back by surprise a bit. 

    "Hello? You alive?" The girl poked Jade in the forehead. Jade shook her thoughts away, laughing at the small girls sarcasm. 

    "Good, a sign of life." The girl slid down next to Jade, her dark brown eyes meeting hers. They both had a laugh. 

    "Hey Lane, want some popcorn?" The small girl turned her head to Jace, accepting her offer. 

    "Popcorn!" The small girl, which Jade now knew her name was Lane, acted like a little five year old. Jade chuckled, forgetting she was in a dream. A breeze blew past Jade, which was strange, since they were inside. She shivered, pulling the sleeves of her shirt over her hands.

    "Cold?" Lane laughed as Jade shivered. 

    "Just a bit." Jade shook her arms to hopefully heat them up. Lane chuckled some more.

    "I'll warm you up Disney." Lane held open her palm, a flame sparking in the middle. Jade surprisingly didn't gasp or lean away. She just stared in awe at the flame that warmed Her. Lane smiled, and Jades vision became dark.


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