We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


9. Selfish Lists.

     Jade curled up on the couch after making her second trip to the bathroom, She put her hand on her forehead, a pounding headache had replaced the throbbing. She groaned, squeezing her eyes shut tight, trying to make the headache go away.

     Jade heard the door knob jiggle. Opening her eyes just a bit to see Perrie walk into the room.

     "Aw, Jade..." Perrie sat down next to her, placing a hand on Jades forehead. Jade fully opened her eyes, seeing Perrie wearing her cute little mickey mouse onesie.

     "You're burning up." Perrie said as she took her hand off of Jades forehead. Jade groaned something in response. Jade then felt arms going around her, pulling her up and off the couch. She put her arm around Perrie to support herself. Her head was pounding and her steps were heavy. Perrie put her arm around Jades waist, keeping her stable. They made there way to their dressing room. Perrie opening the door and letting Jade walk in first. 

     "Jade!" Leigh-Anne came over to her and gave her a big hug, laughing a bit. Jade hugged back, smiling for once. Jesy came over and kissed her on the cheek, feeling Jades forehead.

     "Wow, you really are sick." Jade wiped her nose on her sleeve, coughing. Leigh-Anne took her hand, leading her over to a chair on the far side of the room. Jade sat down, pulling her legs up onto the chair. Leigh-Anne and Perrie did her a sweet favor and got all of her stuff together for her, since they were done with all their stuff.

      After about thirty minutes they were all ready to go. Leigh-Anne took Jades hand, helping her carry her stuff out to the bus. Leigh-Anne made Jade stay on the couch, putting her stuff up for her. Once they were done they came back over to sit by Jade on the couch, Jesy bringing over a bowl of soup and some biscuits for her.

     "So, what happened?" Jesy asked after the girls had been talking for awhile. Jade looked down at her hands, she could feel tears coming into her eyes, but she blinked them away.

     "Brian, he...he said I mean nothing to him, just pretending to love me so his stupid music career could start off." Her voice broke mid-sentence. And she tried hard not to cry. She put her head in her hands, taking a deep breath. Jade has never had luck with boys. Her first boyfriend cheated on her. The second one just wanted her fame. And the third one abused her. And now she could add Brian to the list of boys she'd never want to see again.

      "I know that's such a stupid reason to miss a whole concert, you guys probably think I'm so selfish right now." A few tears dripped down her cheek, she didn't dare look at any of the girls faces.

      "Jade..." Leigh-Anne had a sweet tone in her voice, not what Jade had expected. But she didn't look up at her.

      "Jade." Leigh-Anne forced Jade to look at her by moving her chin with the palm of her hand.

      "I..." Jade ran off, climbing into her bed on the bus. How could she had been so selfish?

       (You guys liking this? I think its a good story plot, but tell me what you think. -Fluff)

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