We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


8. Memories.

 (I'm so tired right now but I really want to write. It's 4am btw. -Fluff)


      Jade awoke. She was no longer on Perries couch, admiring the flame that sparked in Lanes hand. She was on a pretty nice couch in an unfamiliar room. She swiveled her head to look around. Seeing a door that led to what looked like a bathroom. She suddenly felt sick to her stomach, running to what she really hoped was a bathroom now. She pushed aside the door and barely made it to the toilet.

     She wiped her mouth, coughing so any thing still in her would come out. Her head was throbbing, and her nose was running like a waterfall. How did she she not notice these things when she woke up? Maybe because she was still caught up in the memory of the small girl with a sense of sarcasm. Jade flopped down on the couch, groaning as her head throbbed even more. She saw a table up against the arm of the couch. She turned to look at it, seeing her phone sitting there. 

     Jade reached for her phone, checking the time first. Since not doing so caused something she didn't plan. 11:56. Her heart dropped in her chest. Even though she said she couldn't make the show tonight, she actually didn't want to miss it at all. But her mind was just racing with thoughts that she couldn't shake away then. Now her mind was clear, clear but disappointed. 

     She could just barely hear the screams from the fans as she imagined the girls walking off stage. She held her phone in her hand, her thumb hovering over the screen. She didn't think any of the girls had their phone, but she'd at least try. Going into her contacts, She found Perries number. She called it and waited. As Jade was waiting for someone to answer, Lane popped into her mind again. She secretly wished the small girl was by her side, she enjoyed her presence, how she was cool at one moment, and a little five year old the next. She quietly laughed to herself, thinking, why am I so attached to a girl in a dream? Perries voice on the phone interrupted her thoughts.

    "Jadey!" Perrie sounded excited. 

    "Hey Pez..." Jades voice had a sick tone to it, so it was even softer than usual. "Did you just finish up the concert?" 

    "Yeah, we're in the dressing room right now." Jade could detect a hint of guilt in Perries voice, knowing she felt bad for Jade. She could also faintly hear Leigh-Anne and Jesy laughing and fighting over something in the background. 

    "Well, I don't really know where I am." Jade laughed quietly, and Perrie joined. 

    "You're just a few rooms down from us, you can probably hear Jesy and Leigh-Anne fighting over who's slippers are who's." Perrie then yelled in a joking tone for Leigh-Anne and Jesy to be quiet. 

    "I don't think I'll be able to even get down the hallway, I barely made it to the bathroom before everything was covered in puke." Jade chuckled lightly. 

    "Well that's what you get when you sit out in a blizzard with noting but a sweatshirt on." She heard Jesy yell from the back, she must have heard. 

    "Be quiet Jesy!" Perrie sighed. "I'm almost done here, so I'll come get you when I'm done." 

    "Thanks." Perrie then hung up, and Jade had coughing fit before having to run to the bathroom again.











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