We'll Always Be Here For You.

Little Mix Fanfic cause I'm bored ����


4. Easy.



     The show was stalled. They decided not to give the fans the information, for now. The three girls ran into the night, along with some of the crew, to find Jade.

     Leigh-Anne's breath turned into a cold cloud. Pulling her coat tighter around her body, she kept pace with the girls. 

      A light layer of snow began to fall, coating the girls hoods. 

     "Great, snow, this makes things a whole lot easier!" Leigh-Anne sarcastically yelled into the swirls of freezing dust. Jesy stifled a laugh.

     They neared a park, the snow blowing every which way. 

     "Jade!" Leigh-Anne called out. They heard nothing but the blowing winds. 

      They then heard a sound that sort of sounded like a muffled groan. 

      "Did you hear that?" Perrie walked into the entrance of the park, looking around the perimeter. 

      "Jade!" They all began to call her name, but heard nothing in response. They did for about 5 minutes, it ending with not another sound heard.

      "It's no use..." Jesy sighed and sat down on a bench covered in snow.

      "She has to be here." Leigh-Anne looked some around, she could sense someone was here other than them.

"Wait..." A brilliant idea popped into her head, and a smile spread across Leigh-Anne's face.







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