DMing the Popstar

It all started with a random tweet to him...

*Warning: I'm new so sorry if I'm doing this wrong or if I miss anything.*


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 'Did you look at your keyboard, Genius?'

I was now back at home and Jason was a little upset about his beloved iPod. Mom was just in her room the whole time we were fighting when I came home.

"Kids, dinner is ready!" I raced out of my room, only to be pushed back into my room by my brother.

He gave me a evil look and ran down the steps skipping two at a time. "I'm so gonna kill him." I mumbled and raced down the stairs to join my family for a normal dinner..... Hmf, I crack myself up sometimes.

My dad's voice filled the kitchen once I walked in. "Yo Suzan! My man, my man!" My father had my superman SnapBack on his head with the bill backwards trying to act cool.

Jason and my mom were both laughing like maniacs and I was looking at my dad horrified. How did he get my SnapBack anyway?

"I'm just kidding." My dad laughed, taking off the SnapBack and tossing it to me in which I caught it.

I took a seat next to my mom and we began to eat. "Hey, Suzan. Can you pass the gravy?" Just as I was about to grab the gravy, potatoes were flung right on to my head.

My mom rolled her eye as I stopped mid-way for the gravy and narrowed my eyes. Let the dinner games begin Jason. Let the dinner games begin.....


It's been two hours and we finally finished cleaning the kitchen. Our dinner was like every other dinner we have in this household, a war zone. The first hit is made, we have war, we eat, and then we clean up.

I was covered in potatoes, gravy, eggs, and some corn. But good thing Jason is covered in more food than me and I feel good about that.

"I'm gonna go clean up and head to bed. Another boring day tomorrow." I said after I finished cleaning the last of the dishes.

"Ha, loser." Jason teased, making me roll my eyes.

"Good night, sweetie." Mom said trying to pick out pieces of corn from her hair. I shook my head laughing and walked up the stairs.

Once in my room I grabbed my black sweat pants, my '5SOS' T-shirt, and some under garments. I grabbed a towel and skipped into the bathroom.

Putting my clothes onto the bathroom counter, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was covered with food and it was not a pretty sight to behold.

I grabbed some toilet paper and started cleaning off some food that was easy to get off.

Looking back in the mirror I saw most of the food was off. I stripped down and go into the shower and turned it on.

Hot water shot out of the shower taking me by surprise but I quickly got use to it, scrubbing off the remaining's of the food. I ended my shower after I washed my hair, body, and rinsed off.

Shutting off the shower I grabbed the towel that was sitting on the bathroom counter and dried off the best I could. After that I quickly got dressed for bed and took care of my dirty clothes, I jumped into bed.

I wasn't really tired so I grabbed my laptop and went onto twitter seeing that I had A LOT of notifications.

What I saw made my jaw drop and eyes bulge out of my head in surprise.

@Real_Liam_Payne followed you.

****Liam's Point Of View****

I was in the boys and I's dressing room already done with outfit and hair when I decided to go on twitter to follow some fans. Reading through some of the tweets made me smile or cringe a little from perverted tweets. The cringing went to the perverted ones don't worry.

A tweet from a user caught my eye which made me grin. It was cute.

@SuzanLove: Lions and Tigers and Follow me, Oh Yes! @Real_Liam_Payne

"What are you grinning at, Liam?" Niall asked, coming up to me with his hair now finished.

I shook my head." Nothing." He gave me a weird look and went to join Harry and Louis.

Once he left I clicked onto the fans profile and pressed the follow button. Let's hope this is not a crazy person who will spam me like some of my fans that I've followed has done.

Taking a better look at her tweets she only tweeted us maybe four times this year. I smiled about that and turned off my phone just as our tour manager, Paul, came in with a backstage person.

The guy said his name was Ryan and he was going to walk us to the stage. Harry made a noise with his throat making us all look over to him, only to see him on his phone with a big smile.

Probably talking to his secret girlfriend; Raven. They met on an app called Wattpad and have been talking ever since and now their dating.

"Ok Harry time to get ready to get on stage." Ryan said and Harry turned off his phone with a sigh.

"Let's roll." We walked after Ryan out of our dressing room and backstage. I grabbed a microphone and Niall, Harry, and Louis followed in suit.

Niall and Louis started to joke around while Harry just stood there next to them, watching them talk back and fourth. My mind ran back to the girl on twitter, it was really nice how she made me smile like that.

"Guys, in 20 seconds your on." Ryan said, then there was 10 seconds left.


"Go." The boys and I ran out on stage and cheers spread out through the room. Let's hope this is a great night....

****Suzan's Point Of View****

Well let's just say that I really had gotten no sleep. I was to shocked to even sleep that much, maybe got in a few hours but that was about it.

"Suzan are you ok?" Jason asked, giving me a weird looks.

I grinned at him. "Am I ok? I'm better then ok! I'm great!" He pulled a face that clearly stated that he regrets asking.

I finished my bowl of cereal and put on my boots, grabbed my backpack, phone, and walked out the door. "Bye chump!" Jason yelled after me.

This is gonna be a great day, I just know it.


It was now the end of the day and I only had one class next which is Tech. Lucas and Lara are in my class which is the only thing why I like Tech.

The bell that signaled class was staring rang and I quickly sat down next to Lara and Lucas sat next to me.

"Ok class! Since your the only hour that is ahead you get to have free time. Now no inappropriate things done on these computers." Mrs. Rosalie said, making some of us chuckle and look at each other.

I logged onto my computer and so did Lara and Lucas. "Hey want to hear a fact?" Lucas asked, looking over at us.

"Sure, shoot." I said, me and Lara looking at him.

He smirked. "My dick is so long it goes from A to Z." I face palmed myself as Lara just rolled her eyes. "Did you look at you keyboard, Genius?" I said looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

Lara bursted out laughing earning some weird looks and Lucas looked so embarrassed. "Who's smirking now?" I asked, cockily.

He rolled his eyes and brought his attention back to his computer. I have to admit, I actually never thought I would have a chance to say that comeback.

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