DMing the Popstar

It all started with a random tweet to him...

*Warning: I'm new so sorry if I'm doing this wrong or if I miss anything.*


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: 'Lions and Tigers and Follow Me, Oh Yes!'

"Suzan wake up!" A voice yelled, waking me up from my wonderful dream. I snorted and shot my head up from my desk, hearing a bunch of chuckles through out the room.

Mr. Rene glared at me once I looked at him." This is school time not Suzan time!" He snapped, turning around and started to talk about some useless math shit that I bet we weren't going to use in the future.

I rubbed my eyes of sleep and yawned. 'Maybe I shouldn't of had stayed up late reading Liam Payne fanfiction on Wattpad.' I thought, zoning out.

The bell rang drawing me out of my newly day dream of Liam Payne. Lara–my best friend–got up and ran out of the classroom like a mad women looking for Wifi, and you all may be asking me how I know what that looks like. Trust me, once you seen my family you would know strange things happen almost everyday.

I got up and quickly ran after Lara, who ran into the cafeteria for lunch. Instead of going to get food I ran over to the corner table and sat down with a sigh. "Not up for food today?" A voice asked from behind.

A smile flew across my face." Hey Lucas!" I said, turning around in my chair to face him. His dark grey eyes met my brown ones and his lit up." I thought you had to go to a funeral."

He sighed." Yes so did I but I guess we weren't 'invited' to the funeral." I rolled my eyes as he sat down next to me.

'You have to be invited to go to a family members funeral? Hmm funny.' I thought. "Who said that?" I asked instead.

"My grandmother." He stated. 'Oh this makes so much more sense!'

"And you listened to the old little annoying shit?" My jaw clenched in anger, can't wait till I see his grandma because I have some colorful words to give her.

We were cut off by Lara sitting down on my other side. "So what are we talking about?" She asked with a mouth full of ham sandwich.

I laughed at her. "Were just talking about how much of a old hag Lucas's granny is." She snorted.

"We could talk about this for hours." Lucas laughed at us as we made faces. He knew we didn't like her one bit because of the incident. I'm not going to get into detail right now, it's just to embarrassing.

We then started to talk about what happened in our four first classes. There was some quite funny stories.


School had ended and I was back in my loving bed with my computer, reading some more Liam Payne Fanfiction. I wonder if he ever got tackled before.... He probably did.

Might as well go on Twitter right now. There might be some awesome gossip going around today. I exited out of my open program and clicked on the twitter icon, waiting for it to load I put some music on.

A song I never heard of ended and a song I just loved came on. Die young by Kesha blasted from my phone as I turned it up and put my attention on to the now loaded program of twitter.

@Real_Liam_Payne tweeted a minute ago. It said in the notifications, as I read over some old notifications.

I clicked his twitter name and read the tweet.

@Real_Liam_Payne: Watching the X-Factor with the lads. Can't wait to be on stage again tonight.

Wait he's gonna be on the X-Factor tonight? And no one told me about it? Wow, that's a new low for me, I thought I was suppose to be directioner who knows where they're at or what they do 24/7.

I quickly type down a reply to him, knowing he won't even see it and sent it.

@SuzanLove: Lions and Tigers and Follow me, Oh Yes! @Real_Liam_Payne

Thinking it was 'ok' I exited out of Twitter and closed my laptop. Just then Die Young ended and A Different Beat by Little Mix came on.

"Yes!" I fist pumped the air, got up and started dancing. They were the ones who had me liking One Direction when I found out Perrie was dating Zayn. Too bad they're not dating anymore, they were the most amazing couple ever. "Suzan turn that racket down!" My mother yelled from downstairs. I stopped right in my tracks, this is not racket. This is music!

I could hear her feet stomping up the stairs and she flung my door open. "I mean it." She spat, oh gosh what the hell is her problem?

Holding my hands up in surrender I turned the music down only loud enough for me to hear it. She then smiled sweetly at me and walked away. Bipolar are we?

My mom is a wonderful lady but it's just that's she has no tase in music. She loves classical music along with jazz. Don't get me wrong I love Jazz but Classical music is where I draw the line. Only my dad was the one who gets me because we both love hip-hop, pop, and rock music. Like dad like daughter is what I would say.

Speaking of my dad I wonder where he is. I walked out of my room and turned off the music once I reached the bottom of the steps.

Just then the door opened only to see that it was my brother. "Hey squirt." He smiled at me and ruffled up my hair. I glared at him and quickly flattened my hair back to its original state.

"I am NOT a squirt." I said, giving him a sassy look. That only made him laugh and walk past me and up the stairs.

My brother–Jason–was in college and he was studying to be a teacher. I'm a senior but I should be in college with my brother but me being so stupid got held back twice.

You must be thinking how old I am. Well I'm twenty years old and about to turn twenty one after I graduate which is in two months.

"Suzan! Where is my iPod?" Jason called from up the stairs. Uh oh, I forgot to throw away his now broken iPod. He probably might find it soon but it was not all my fault that it is broken.

He shouldn't of had kept it out in the open, maybe put it in a locked cabinet or something, oh wait he did. "Oh my god, what happened to my iPod!?!?"

That gave me the idea to run and I ran as fast as I could out the door and down the street. Not to mention with bare feet. The last think I heard him say was," Just wait till you get home Suzan.....!"

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