Interrogate Prodigy II: Prodigy is Stupid Enough to be Re-Captured

Due to demands made by Calista and Tomato and encouraged by Sparrow, I have resurrected this. I'm probably going to regret it. But have at it, ask me stuff and I will endeavor to answer to the best of my ability.


1. *sigh*

A while ago, I partook in the strange trend of these question book things? Well, mine was, apparently, at least mildly entertaining - enough so, anyway, that it made the people who had not known me at the time but do now feel rather cheated that they did not get to annoy me with incessant questions about life, general quandaries, and/or my particular food preferences. And so, at the urging of Calista and others, I have created this again for a limited time. Have at it, folks.



(Serious or non-serious questions accepted. Serious questions will be answered non-seriously and non-serious questions will be answered seriously. That should about sum up this thing.)

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