my new neighbor

when Anna moves to Sydney Australia and is going to move in beside her soulmate... Michael Clifford


1. beginning


mom are you sure i will fit in? yea of coarse... i know she was lying. it was quiet for 30 minutes. Then we arrived  at the house. It was pretty big. I wandered who lived next door. i took in most of my things. when i went to go get my posters and i saw a boy out side he waved i said "hey" back to him then he went back inside his house. he look interesting and hot.i went in side and was hanging up my posters and realized that my window was across from i sang to get his attention. 



i got on my phone texting Luke about the new hotty that lives across from me. and i hear singing and it the girl singing me and my bands song good girls. The only thing i could do was say you know that song? she she said who doesn't its 5sos. 

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