The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


3. Training

In general, the year wasn't easy for Red X. The day after she joined, English and science proved easy despite it being the first day back. However, P.E. proved to be difficult. The objective was climbing for a warm-up.

Red X stood with the others. She had conversed with them the night before; they all seemed nice. And Lindsay seemed to be even more pleasant.

Master Intelligence stood by the wall. "All right," he said. "Three of you, at a time, will climb this rope."

As Baby Strength, Sebiscuits, and Telekinibabe started up, Lindsay turned to Red X. "This is part of using your powers, Red X."

Everyone finished climbing. Master Intelligence announced that it was time for the next group.

Red X, Lindsay, and Force Baby walked over to the ropes. Red X held her hands to the rope. Lindsay reached over and gently moved her hand to the right position. "This is how you hold it."

"Okay," Red X whispered.

Everybody began to climb. The trip was incredible. Her feet were tiring, her hands were sore, and she was sweating all over. Next to her, Lindsay leaped to the ground. How did she do that? She looked up, and gave it another heave. Her body moved a few inches up. Come on... Force Baby leaped down too.

She looked back up, and to her surprise she was almost to the top. With newfound determination, and more tired than ever, she finally touched the ceiling. I did it! Then she looked down, and she shivered. "Uh..." Didn't realize I was that high up... "Can someone help me down?"

Master Intelligence sighed. "All right. I'm coming." He rushed over and held out his arms. Red X looked down and jumped, landing in his arms. He then let go of her, and as Red X brushed herself off, she withered under her Master's disapproving expression.

The other topics, like science and math, came easily for her. She even got the best score for her essay about the environment.

She later got her supersuit. It was white with shades of red and blue. She thought it was comfortable and fashionable. Master Intelligence told her off to the next class.

Red X arrived in the dueling chamber. For the fourth time, everyone was assigned to build new swords, as they did once every 3 years. During this time, Lindsay helped Red X build hers.

While everyone was sitting together, Red X took the oppurtunity to finish her notes about telekinesis. Once finished, she handed it over to Lindsay. "Do you want to see my notes?"

Lindsay looked over. "Sure. But just for a--"

"All right!" Master Intelligence called out. "It's time to test your swords. I'd better not see anyone without safety goggles!"

Telekinibabe was the first to draw his sword. It ignited in perfect order.

Red X watched as everyone drew their swords. Finally, she drew her own. However, it was held in the wrong direction. Instead of slicing the air, her sword cut through the table.

She shrieked. "I'm sorry."

"It's OK," Master Intelligence replied. "Seeing all your swords work, it's time for your last test."

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