The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


7. The Swordfighting Tournament

A few days later, the Swordfighting Tournament Sebiscuits had announced took place. In the bleachers, hundreds of people awaited the start of the tournament. At the front, a band played a lively tune with the conductor standing a couple of feet from the edge of the seats.

Finally, the duelists stepped out, a few of them twirling their weapons. Well, except for the S.M.S.B. They had not yet arrived.

Sebiscuits stood at the front podium, which had a purple sheet draped over it with a piece cut out for the microphone. With a wave of his hand, the crowd quieted, and the instruments stopped.

"I'd like to thank all of you for coming," said Sebiscuits. "Welcome to the Swordfighting Tournament! Please put aside all cameras." He stopped for a moment, and he sensed the disappointment of any photo-takers that were present. "And now we welcome...the sword-wielding police!"

A moment later, the police stepped inside, twirling their swords in a perfected and fluid display of Form I. As they did this, they steadily advanced to the front. There, they were applauded.

"Hmm," Percy mumbled.

Sebiscuits stepped in front of the podium. "And now we welcome...the S.M.S.B. itself!"

Percy turned.

The S.M.S.B. members entered with their swords en guard, Master Intelligence at the head of the group. After telekinetically bringing their swords to their opposite hands, they twirled them in an apparent 360 movement, before slashing the ground twice. After posing in stances reflecting their respective forms, they engaged in a series of elaborate flips. Percy thought it must have taken months to learn them. As they took up position at the front, Sebiscuits conjured a stream of fire. It looped around him and transfigured into the form of a griffin. Sebiscuits turned and extended his hand, causing it to disappear entirely. Percy was surprised. He has grown strong. It's both impressive, and enviable.

His thoughts were cut off when Stephanie noticed someone coming up behind.

"It's the new member!" Stephanie remarked. "Red X! I don't believe it! It's her!"

"So what?" Percy replied. "She's just a new member."

"Just a new member?" Stephanie replied, looking at him as if she could not believe her ears. "It's not like there's been one for the last decade. Before her, the newbie was Telekinibabe."

Red X paid their remarks, as well as the others, little mind as she advanced to the front. When she finally sat down, it was next to Elizabeth, a fellow contestant who was something of a snob. Elizabeth seemed very smug about this. Finally, she bent over to say something to Red X.

"Yeah, that's right, suck right up to her, Elizabeth," Stephanie said angrily. "I bet she can see right through you."

"May I have your attention?" Sebiscuits said over the mike. "The dueling will begin momentarily. Whoever wins gets a trophy!" He lifted the trophy from where it was hidden under a large cloth covering it.

"The three qualifying winners will also get a series of coupons," Sebiscuits continued. "And now, the dueling will begin! Percy and Stephanie, you're up first."

"All right then," said Percy. He got to his feet, and stumbled slightly. Finally, he arrived at the front, where Sebiscuits handed him a weapon. Feeling his hand trembling, Percy took it. Next to him, he noticed Stephanie doing the same.

Both walked over to the ring. Percy stiffened when Sebiscuits guided him to the right position, though inwardly he questioned the true necessity of it. Stephanie took a pose in front of him. Might as well... Percy quickly did the same.

Sebiscuits spoke again, prompting Percy to turn. "If the duel is not won in five minutes," he said, "the winner will be determined by a coin flip."

Percy digested this. Then he turned back to his opponent in earnest.

"On your mark," said Sebiscuits. "Get set..." Percy's heart pounded in his chest... "Go!"

Percy brought his blade up in a guarding position, awaiting Stephanie. When she attacked, Percy quickly blocked, his adrenaline building with each block. Finally, Percy reposited, ramping up his attack. Stephanie was quickly forced onto the offensive. Finally, she backed away. Percy awaited her again, and for the longest time they stood and eyed each other. And suddenly, Stephanie lunged again, but Percy was ready this time, bringing them into a momentary bladelock. Percy shoved hard, breaking the lock and forced Stephanie to pull back. Stephanie backed away, then slowly advanced, her blade raised. This is it! Percy waited for her to come closer, then quickly slashed her in the side.

"Percy wins!" said Sebiscuits. "Percy, you will go to the seats where the winners of each match sit." As he left, he heard Sebiscuits telling Stephanie to go to the seats with the losers of each match.

Percy sat down on a red chair with colored lights shining on it. How fitting that the losers have no light on their bleachers. I don't know, I just...

Before he could finish his thought, Sebiscuits called up Elizabeth and Emma.

This should be close, thought Percy. Please don't let Lizzy beat you, Emma. Please...

Before he could finish this thought, both opponents were counterpoised.

"Scared, shorty?" Elizabeth taunted, raising her blade.

"The name is Emma," said Emma.

Ha, ha! thought Percy. This ought to be rich!

Emma immediately attacked. Elizabeth took the blow and riposted, speeding up her timing, forcing Emma to retreat. Emma then twirled and blocked a slash, weaving a defensive pattern with her blade. As they fought, Elizabeth reflected that Emma was stronger than she had thought. She attacked harder, but Emma was ready, parrying the assault and attempting to use a vicious power attack that Elizabeth blocked. As the duel progressed, she realized that while she was still able to anticipate Emma's attacks and defend herself, she could find no openings in Emma's cautious assault. As such, all she could do was to simply block Emma's blows. Percy saw this, and his tension grew. Emma sensed Elizabeth's failing strength and sped up her attack. Finally, Elizabeth let her guard down for one moment, and before Percy could sense what was coming, Emma provided the final blow.

Yes! Percy roared with applause, and Stephanie joined him.

"Whoever is clapping, please stop. We are not finished yet."

Percy looked down and realized Sebiscuits was the one who had spoken. "All right," he whispered.

Next was Dexter and Leah, two police officers. They accepted their swords from Sebiscuits and stepped up to fight. Dexter attacked first, beginning to unleash of flurry of broad attacks, briefly taking Leah off her guard. Leah was able to recover her guard and drive Dexter back. Warding off Leah with two rapid strikes, Dexter quickly retreated, regaining his composure. As he raised his blade into a high guard, the two advanced on each other. As they stared at one another, blades at the ready, Leah attacked. The two engaged in a flurry of swordplay, seemingly equally matched. Finally, Leah was brought down when Dexter twirled and slashed at Emma's back, causing her to tumble to the ground in the process.

"Dexter wins!" said Sebiscuits. Dexter went to sit with Percy and Emma, while Leah sat with Stephanie and Elizabeth.

After that, there were several more rounds of combat, but Percy was ultimately starting to lose count.

And then, Sebiscuits' words caught his attention:

"And now, Master Intelligence is up. He will duel with me."

Percy looked up.

Sebiscuits walked over and grabbed his sword. Master Intelligence grabbed one from the bin, and both opponents posed. Percy noted that the crowds were holding their breaths as the two greatest Supers of all stepped up to duel.

Sebiscuits and Master Intelligence both ignited their swords. Master Intelligence immediately began spinning his blade almost faster than the eye could follow. However, Sebiscuits slowly retreated before the mutant before thrusting his sword into the whirling blades, engaging Master Intelligence in a brief, yet spectacular, display of swordsmanship.

Master Intelligence unleashed a flurry of unpredictable attacks and blows, ramping up the attack until he was demonstrating over ten blows per second. However, he remained unable to penetrate Sebiscuits' defense, so he ramped up his attacks even further. Sebiscuits, his defense finally beginning to get overloaded, altered the angle of one of his parries. Sebiscuits' blade, instead of intercepting Master Intelligence's blade, made for his Master's wrist, but Master Intelligence dodged. Sensing his opponent's fatigue, Master Intelligence finally attempted to leap over Sebiscuits. However, Sebiscuits dodged and slashed Intelligence as he landed.

The next combatants were Red X and Baby Strength. Percy saw Stephanie watching with an obsessed look with wide eyes, and he grumbled. Stepping up to the front, Red X brandished the fake sword Sebiscuits had handed her against Baby Strength. Baby Strength initially held the advantage, drawing on his experience. Both of their blades locked, and Baby Strength, using his enhanced strength, rapidly redirected the blades. However, just as the blade was an inch from her face, Red X dove out from under, flying very low around Baby Strength, where she quickly slashed him.

"Good game," said Baby Strength, and held out his hand.

"Good game," Red X repeated, and returned his high five. They turned to Sebiscuits, who smiled back under his vocabulator, and left the stage.

As Red X and Baby Strength sat down, Lindsay and Telekinibabe advanced to the front. They stood by as Sebiscuits spoke:

"Now that almost everyone is tied, the final match will determine the winners! The combatants are Lindsay...versus Telekinibabe!" As he spoke, Lindsay and Telekinibabe both took a stance. "Go!"

With that, Lindsay brought down her sword, soon to be intercepted by Telekinibabe's own weapon.

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