The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


4. The Impending Torurnament

Everyone did a test on their individual superpowers--Force Baby for Force powers, Red X for flying, Lindsay for appiration, and the like. Master Intelligence stood at the front of the desk. "I see you have mastered your powers. Now for telekinesis, the power all Supers share. You must move these books from the floor to the table." He gestured to the pile of books next to him. "Lindsay, you're up."

Lindsay extended her hand. Years of practice allowed her to levitate them to the table in a flawless order.

"Well done, Lindsay," said Master Intelligence. "Your turn, Red X."

Red X took a breath. Taking a breath and extending her hand, she focused on the pile. Nothing happened. She held her hand halfway into a fist and tried harder. She jerked her hand upward. The book on the top began to wobble. It spun once, then fell off the table.

Master Intelligence frowned as he checked his clipboard. "Tyler?"

Later, he gathered everyone in the audience chamber. Master Intelligence spoke formally, as the head of the group. "The reason I brought you here is because I have a special announcement. Well, Sebiscuits will take it from here."

Sebiscuits stepped up, and Master Intelligence joined the audience, standing in between Force Baby and Red X.

"I have recreated the tournament from its original death trap," said Sebiscuits. "This time, everything is safe." He stepped over behind the desk. "There will be six squads. Squads A and B are made up of S.M.S.B. members. They will compete. Squads C and D are police, and squads E and F are the townspeople. Tryouts are next week. The tournament will soon begin!"

Some of the tryouts involved deflecting bullets, cutting bread, and spinning. Finally, the qualifiers were chosen!

Telekinibabe didn't qualify, but the rest of the S.M.S.B. did, though Red X narrowly made it. Six police were chosen as well, as were six ordinary Muggles. Lindsay and Red X wanted to keep training after the intro. So they borrowed a training robot from Master Intelligence to help.

During one such training session, Red X deflected the bullets, standing alongside Lindsay.

"Here, Cynthia," said Lindsay. "Try this! If you time your block just right, you can use your sword to shield yourself from laser blasts, then counterattack!" As she spoke, she did the same against a volley of blasts.

"Cool!" said Red X. She held her blade in a defensive stance, and the probe fired. She blocked the first blast, then extended her blade at an angle to intercept the next.

"See?" Lindsay said. "It works."

Later, another training session began. This time, Master Intelligence had a special announcement.

"Before we begin training, I'd like to make an announcement. After the training ends, we will make and paint glass plates! Then, we will eat a delicious surprise supper on them!"

The members looked at each other.

"Well, let's get to work!" He pushed a button, revealing an arsenal of tackling dummies, poles, and other obstacles.

After the training session was over, everyone began work on the plates. Master Intelligence had a special machine for the job.

Afterwards, Lindsay and Red X continued training. Both of them deflected bullets left and right. Red X seemed to be struggling to an extent, while Lindsay knocked aside bullets with fluid grace.

Finally, the remote ceased fire. Lindsay turned. "Good job, Red X." Gesturing with her deactivated weapon, she said, "Here, try this: swing down, then thrust upward. You can block your opponent's move, then counterattack!"

Red X exchanged Lindsay's enthusiastic smile. "Cool!"

"You've been doing great," said Lindsay. "Now I need to go. If I have time, I'll train with you later tonight." She turned to leave.

"Bye!" Red X called out.

"Bye," said Lindsay, and left, shutting the door behind her. She headed down to Master Intelligence's office. She knocked on the open door, then stepped inside. "Master?"

"Right here, Lindsay."

Lindsay walked over. Master Intelligence was on a bench, deep in thought. Remaining standing, she said, "I had to talk to you. I had a dream."

"Tell me more," said Master Intelligence formally.

"It happened right before Red X moved in," Lindsay replied. "In the dream, I was with a boy, inside a castle. Burnbottom was there, as a ghost. And the Lunch Money Bandit was there too...and Telekinibabe's rival, Whammo! Hell Burnbottom had a job for them, and they were going to force me to take part. It seems like a vision to me. It worries me. What should I do?"

"I think it unwise to obsess over these dreams," Master Intelligence replied. "If this is a vision, which it could likely be...I'll be sure to keep an eye on things."

Lindsay got up without a word. She walked out, closed the door behind her, and sighed. No. It was a vision, and it's going to happen. Everyone will be in mortal danger.

Later that night, the Lunch Money Bandit sneaked inside the chamber that held the finished plates. Then he silently shut the door and got to work.

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