The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


2. Red X Arrives

Lindsay writhed under her covers, struggling to process the following images. And then, a voice called her name, and the image disappeared.

What the...?

And then she realized she had woken up. She lay flat on her back, breathing hard as though she had been running.

And then the image of Telekinibabe came into view. Although he was 11 years old, that was still what they called him. "Are you all right?" he asked.

"Tyler, bad dream," Lindsay replied heavily. She was 5 and a half feet tall now, and had stringy black hair that went halfway down her back when she was standing. "Why are you here?"

"I just came to check on you," he said. After changing into her supersuit, Lindsay followed him out.

As they walked the halls, Lindsay said, "Tyler! The halls are empty! Do you even think Peter's awake?"

"Seriously?" Telekinibabe replied. "You're the late one."

"Impossible," Lindsay replied.

"See for yourself," said Tyler, and opened the door. Baby Intelligence, better known as Master Intelligence now, stood at the front. Baby Strength, Sebiscuits, and Force Baby were also there. Although Sebiscuits had healed outwardly and had regrown most of his hair, the damage to his lungs would be permanent.

"You're late," said Master Intelligence.

"Told you," said Telekinibabe. "Peter told me you needed some sleep."

Lindsay nodded. Telekinibabe took his seat, and she did the same.

"Why is there an extra desk?" she asked.

Master Intelligence turned and cryptically replied, "That desk is for Cynthia."


Later that day, a flying van landed in the docking bay. From it stepped a new member of the S.M.S.B. She had passed the tests earlier, and was the first female member besides Lindsay and the deceased Paige.

The girl, whose name was Cynthia, stepped outside. Lindsay and Telekinibabe were both waiting for her. She stepped out and looked around nervously. A long, hard life was ahead, beyond what she'd ever known. That much was clear.

"Hey! Hey you!"

Cynthia turned. Lindsay was walking up behind her.

"I'm Lindsay," she said. "Are you Cynthia?"

"Yes," Cynthia replied.

"Hey, Cynthia!" said Telekinibabe, walking up behind Cynthia and Lindsay.

Lindsay gestured with her hand. "This is Telekinibabe."

With that, they headed inside the MBH. Cynthia was amazed as she walked through each hall. Master Intelligence definitely knows what he's doing...

As they rounded the bend, Lindsay broke the silence. "So, you're starting pretty late. You must be pretty powerful!"

"Well..." Cynthia began.

"This is Master Intelligence's office," said Lindsay. "Why not go meet him?"

"Sure," Cynthia replied, and pushed open the door. She closed the door behind her. Why are my fingers fidgeting? There's nothing to worry about. I've been here before.

Master Intelligence rose from his desk. She recognized his sweeping motions from during the membership trial.

"Hello," he said. "You must be Cynthia."

Doesn't he know my name from the membership trial I took? "I am," Cynthia replied.

"I am Master Intelligence," said Master Intelligence. "It's great to have you here! You can use your powers to save the world! You'll be taught a full range of subjects, including history, science, sword dueling, math, art, writing, and learning to use your powers--flying, am I right?"

"Yes," Cynthia replied. "I can fly." Well, I can hover to the ceiling. That's all I know.

Master Intelligence grinned. "That's awesome! None of us can fly, and we all started out as babies! We all needed skyfighters!" His grin faltered. "When we use our powers, we also learn telekinesis. Any Super can do it! I discovered that myself. It's true." He pointed. "Let me show you to your room. This way."

After a few twists and turns, they entered a bedroom. It had a bed wedged inside a large shelf connected to the ceiling. There were several empty drawers and shelves. "Here's your room," said Master Intelligence. "I'll be making you a new set of clothes." He extended his hand, and the suitcase levitated onto the shelf next to the bed. "Here."

"Cool!" said Cynthia in awe.

"You'll also have a new name," Master Intelligence continued, taking note of her T-shirt as he spoke. "Like Red X!"

Cynthia smiled. "Perfect!"

"You know, the rest of us started with no parents," Master Intelligence said. "You're pretty lucky."

"Yeah," she replied.

"I think you should unpack," said Master Intelligence. "Supper won't be ready for another hour. Until then, make yourself at home."

"What are you making?" Cynthia asked.

"You'll find out when the bell rings," he replied. "If you brought an extra shirt, I suggest you wear it." Cynthia had worn the same shirt during the test. "I'll leave you so you can undress."

Cynthia reached into her suitcase. "See you soon."

"Bye," said Master Intelligence, and closed the door as he left.

Cynthia looked around. Home.

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