The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


6. Lindsay's Duel

As Lindsay's sword neared him, Hell Burnbottom swung the fiery cloak. Lindsay ducked it narrowly, shocked at the blow. She twirled her sword and began a brief bout of bladework with her enemy.

Hell Burnbottom swung it again. Lindsay, who was ready this time, dodged. Twirling her sword, she slashed at him, again and again, until their blades locked.

A moment later, the fiery cloak plowed into her hair. Lindsay took the hit and tumbled to the floor. After twirling his sword in a victorious pose, Burnbottom brought it on the hinge of a nearby statue’s wing. Lindsay used her sword to block the crash, causing the wing to break into shreds. Burnbottom extended his hand to deflect any stray shards.

Lindsay came on Hell Burnbottom, and they reengaged in sword combat. She utilized Form I in her attempt to defeat him, but Burnbottom’s mastery of Form VII kept him in control of the duel. Burnbottom used his powers to enhance his speed and assail Lindsay; the latter struggled to keep up with his vicious sword technique. Whammo and the Lunch Money Bandit were circling them, shouting for instructions; they were closing in.

"Stay there!" Burnbottom shouted, as he parried a blow from Lindsay and attacked. "There's nothing you can do!"

Lindsay looked over, then turned back to her opponent. Attempting to rally, she twirled around Burnbottom while blocking a slash. However, her slight decrease in speed allowed Burnbottom to kick her to the floor. Lindsay used a technique Master Intelligence had taught her to avoid a nosebleed from the heavy impact on the grass.

And then, the ghost of Rotta Hecks, Baby Intelligence’s deceased mother, emerged from between the duelists. Both of them were amazed.

encouraging Lindsay not to let go of her sword or let herself be overpowered by Burnbottom.

Lindsay nodded and went for the plate, using her telekinesis to summon it. It fell into the air, and she grabbed it by the side. She heard Burnbottom's scream of fury at the same time she felt the jerk around her busom that meant the plate still worked as a transport--it was speeding her in a second whirlwind of light and color...she was going back.

Meanwhile, Rotta briefly distracted Hell Burnbottom, closing in on the latter, shielding Lindsay from his gaze and attacking him. He telekinetically repelled her away, and looked around. Burnbottom saw no signs of the plate or that of his enemy. "NOO!" he screamed.

Meanwhile, the plate returned Lindsay to the MBH. Lindsay felt herself slam flat into the ground; her nostrils absorbing the dusty metal floor. She had closed her eyes, and even opening them was a challenge. When she did, they immediately flooded with tears. She did not move; her head was swimming so badly she felt as if it would explode. Shock, exhaustion, and overwhelm kept her on the ground. She just lay there, waiting for someone to do something...something to happen...

And then a pair of hands seized her roughly.

"Lindsay? Lindsay!"

She raised her head, and saw that Master Intelligence was crouched over her.She landed on the ground hard, and was just as quickly intercepted by Master Intelligence. She barely heard his following words, but realized it was something about loss.

She immediately grabbed his wrist while Master Intelligence's face swam in and out of focus. She could hear him more clearly now--

"...had no idea what had happened to you! But you're back! Everything's fine now."

"No," Lindsay whispered. "It may never be."


Lindsay's voice rose in volume and exasperation. "The dream! It came true! The NoHeads are back! They're not extinct now!" As she spoke, she felt herself leaving her train of thought, and had to bite her lip to stop from babbling. But then she spoke again, before she could stop herself. "Whammo, the Lunch Money Bandit--Hell Burnbottom made them NoHeads!" It seemed important to explain that.

Master Intelligence seized Lindsay's cheeks. "It's all right, Lindsay. It's all right. You're home! We've thwarted them many times!"

"No!" Lindsay screamed, barely able to prevent the outburst. "The NoHeads are at large!"

Just then, the other S.M.S.B. members came pouring in. "Master, what's happened?" asked Red X.

"I'm afraid our worst fears have come true," said Master Intelligence. "The NoHeads have returned." He bent down, and with extraordinary strength, raised Lindsay from the ground and lifted her onto her feet. Lindsay swayed. Her heart was pounding; her vision was blurring worse than ever. "Come. I think what you need is rest. After all, the tournament is in two days."

"OK," Lindsay moaned, barely able to speak.

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